I just wanted to talk about something that has always been near and dear to my heart. A topic so important, especially now with so many people being at home and seemingly having all of this time to themselves to think and be with themselves. It’s the topic of self-image, and it’s such an important topic.

To give you a snapshot in time, self-image was something that I struggled with for the longest time. I was at the top of my career, one of the top leaders, I couldn’t promote any higher. At the same time, I was going to grad school; I was taking care of my father, who was terminally ill, I was the president of one organization and another organization, I was always in the hustle and grind. I was doing figure competitions, weightlifting competitions, half Ironman competitions, and marathons. And throughout that, I never had any joy when I accomplished those things, or when I finished those events. I would say to myself, well, if I take care of my father, then I’m a good daughter, or if I get promoted to this high level, or, I’m the president of this organization than I’m worthy.

If I do this marathon, I’m fit enough, thin enough, whatever the case may be, but I could never fill that void inside me. It’s as if I had this insatiable desire always to achieve more, do more, have more, and it just was never enough.

And then I had this aha moment. What I found was there are a lot of people who like me suffer from this. They’re people pleasers, or they just had this need to be validated on some level or a need to constantly prove to themselves their worth. But I’m here to tell you; you have everything you need inside of you to succeed and feel fulfilled. You don’t need to prove your self-worth to anyone.

If you are struggling with any of those things I mentioned, I want to hear from you.  Let’s schedule a virtual coffee and let me know what hits home for you, and I look forward to having this dialogue with you.