The world we are living in is continually changing. The world you woke up to yesterday morning is different from the world you woke up to this morning. Your life is changing rapidly. Everywhere you look, life is being affected by the change. The position you find yourself in today is without precedent; all the preceding generations put together would have never experienced the changes you’ve had in your short lifetime.

As we adapt to the rapid change that is taking place all around us, we can no longer look to the past to predict our future.

A large part of the past is obsolete, and much of the future is beyond comprehension for most people. Your past does not predict your future; your past successes, your past credentials your past mistakes have no bearing on what you’re capable of doing from this point forward. From here on out, open yourself up to setting a goal based on your wants and desires. For some people, this is a big idea because we’re brought up to set smart goals, attainable, realistic goals, and usually, those goals are based on what we’ve done in the past.

“See yourself where you want to be and then be there. Don’t be in the past. Be there! Act like the person you want to become.” Bob Proctor

As you set your goal and you start to take a bold step forward, not knowing all of the steps it’s going to take for you to get from A to Z, your Paradigm is going to come front and center and question, who am I to do this? How could I do this? Will I be successful?

These ideas are lurking under the surface, and your old Paradigm will keep cropping up until we start to address it and begin building a new paradigm that is in harmony and connection with your new vision or goal.

When you begin to shift from your old way of thinking to your new way of thinking, you’re tapping into something much more profound.

Whatever past you came from, you don’t have to go back and that does not define you or your future.

Build the vision in your mind of your goal and who you want to become; write the script of you and then become that person. You are re-writing a new self-image that’s in alignment with your goal. Next, start making decisions like that person, like that world-class author or that entrepreneur, the incredible parent, or whatever it is you want to be. Before you know it, you will look back and need a telescope to see how far you’ve come.

Many people, particularly now and in the midst of a pandemic are asking questions about connecting with their purpose in life and shifting their attention to things that are most important to them.  I am helping people connect with their purpose, define what they truly want so they can make it a reality. Life is too precious and short to not be living exactly the way you want.

I am here to help you level up and begin building your new paradigm, let’s hop on a call and discuss who you want to become.