I’ve been spending some of this gifted time at home researching the Reticular Activating System, and today I want to share with you the incredible findings that I’ve discovered.

Have you ever really wanted a certain car, and all of a sudden you start to notice it everywhere? Or maybe you’ve been in a crowded restaurant where you think you heard someone call your name, and all of a sudden the loud noises tune out so you can focus on who is calling you? That’s your Reticular Activating System at work. 

What’s fascinating about all of this, is that we take in between 2-11 million bits of information every second, but we can only consciously process between 40-120 bits of this information. From the temperature of our skin, to the breeze – anything that is coming in through our five senses is processed through our Reticular Activating System, which filters this information through our current belief system.

The Reticular Activating System is always looking for evidence for what you believe. So, if you believe that your business isn’t going to survive this crisis or you believe that the sky is falling, your mind is going to look for that evidence to support your beliefs. This is why now, more so than ever, it’s so important to be in control of your thoughts

We become our thoughts. Who we are is through the thoughts that we think.

So my question to you today is – who is controlling your thoughts right now? Are you running the show in your life? Or are the circumstances of what’s going on around you controlling your thoughts and running your show?

Some of you consuming this information might be business owners and you might be scared. You might be watching the news or other people’s opinions on Facebook and letting their beliefs get under your skin. You might be saying things right now like, “Yes, I want to survive and thrive through this crisis”, but underneath the surface on a deeply rooted belief level in your subconscious mind, your Reticular Activating System might be looking for evidence that supports the opposite.

BUT, if you can shift and focus your attention on how you want to emerge stronger from this moment in time, what will happen is your Reticular Activating System will kick in and start filtering that information instead of the negativity on the news and in your social media feeds. You’ll start instilling new beliefs in yourself that are aligned with your goals and visions, and you’ll start finding positive solutions. 

Now I’m not saying to not acknowledge what is going on right now – you can’t ignore Covid-19. But this pandemic isn’t going to last forever. Be informed, take care of yourself, your body, your health, and your mind. But also use this time to ask yourself what you want to be proud of when this moment in time has passed.

Maybe you can start using this time as a gift. Maybe you can use it to start connecting with others, building relationships, or pivoting in your business to serve your clients in a different way. What do your clients need right now? 

Everything that you are seeking is also seeking you. Just because there is a pandemic happening right now, it doesn’t stop the Universal Laws and Law of Attraction that are always at play. This isn’t philosophy, it’s science. 

The facts are: People still need you right now, and people are looking for distractions. So use this time wisely. Get focused on a goal, even if it’s, “How do I want to emerge from this time?”, and start asking yourself questions that are in harmony with what you want to create in your life. 

Even if you’re not a business leader or entrepreneur, I know that you have dreams and aspirations. You should also be focusing on what you want or who you want to be when you emerge from this self-quarantine. 

Use this time wisely, and if you need help or a nudge in the right direction, I am here for you. 

Be kind to yourself and others. Stay well.