I had a thought and wanted to share because I firmly believe that when you get a download of inspiration from your source, from your inner being, from the Universe, from God – whoever you think it comes from – then you’ve got to act on it immediately.

I have talked a lot in our FB group about your vision for 2020 and how important it is to establish what that is.  How do you want to feel at the end of 2020?  What do you want to accomplish at the end of 2020 when you look back?  Do you want to say, “Yes, I did it!”  And what is “it?”  Do you want to feel Joy? Abundance? Connection? Prosperity? Great relationships?  Whatever that is for you, write it out and map it out for the year and then look at those things that you want to accomplish in the year so that if you accomplish those, you’d say, “Yes, I did it!”  Then back it down to 6 months, then 3 months, then a 1-month vision and then map out every week.  Write down what things you want to accomplish that are in alignment with that year of vision.  

But I also want to remind you, especially because there are a lot of entrepreneurs in this group and of course I’m one of them, that those who embark on this entrepreneurial journey are typically doing things they’re passionate about already.  The entrepreneur path can be really busy to the point that we derive a lot of joy from the work we’re doing.  But it can also become the ONLY thing we’re doing and getting joy from, so it can be very one-sided.  And that is really resonating with me right now. 

It brought me back to a time when I was in the military.  This was 2003 and I was a very hard charger, a very type A personality.  I was a musician in the band in the Air Force.  That was my joy, my passion and I got to do it every day.  I got to travel around the world helping to build relationships between countries, going to different events and helping and serving the troops.  During that time I was up for an annual award.  I thought that my package and the write-up were very strong because of the work that I was doing.  But also because I was volunteering using my gifts, singing at different events, volunteering and helping at children’s talent shows and things like that.  I was always involved in the musical and theatre communities in some capacity at some level.  Well at the end of the year, much to my dismay, I did NOT win that award.  I was kind of crushed – I thought “what the what?! I’m putting all of this work in – how could you not see that?!”  I didn’t understand.  And one of my mentors said it was because I was doing all of these great things that I was passionate about but it made me look one-sided.  I was only focusing on the music, the music, the music.  Giving music, sharing music, judging music.  It’s true that we can become one-sided when we focus all of our attention, putting all of our eggs into one basket.  So if it’s the entrepreneurial work that you love so much and it’s the ONLY thing you’re doing, the only way that you’re serving & giving, there will be other pieces of you that need to express themselves in other, creative ways. 

Recently I was inspired to resurrect my French lessons that I paid for some time ago and that I’ve not been using.  I don’t need to learn the language, but it’s a joy.  I’ve been thinking about Reiki healing.  I don’t have a place to put it and I’m not putting it into my practice, but it’s important to me so I’m putting it on my schedule. 

My invitation to you is when you’re coming up with a strategic plan for your life and you’re planning out the year for the things you want to be, do or have don’t forget the other things in your life.  Do you like art?  Do you want to connect with friends more often?  Do you like wine tasting?  Do you like 5k races and you want to put a bunch in your calendar? Those are fun things for you to do, things that get you away from the desk and make you a well-rounded person and feed your soul.  So don’t forget that – don’t forget the fun!  It’s not frivolous.  It’s a part of you and part of your self-expression. 

When you’re happy and fulfilled on multiple levels, that helps you become a more well rounded human being.   When you’re experiencing joy in a fun activity, go do it!  Because when you’re filling your soul, experiencing joy and connections doing something joyful, you’re harmonically in alignment with good.   You are in alignment with more of the things that you want to manifest in life, getting yourself into that joyful state gratitude.  When you’re on a hike or dancing or painting or speaking another language or studying something of interest to you, you’re in vibrational harmony with everything that is in alignment with that feeling of gratitude and joy.  I can 100% guarantee you when you start living that way and making an effort to do the things that you also love to do, you’re going to find more ease and flow in your relationships, your business life, your entrepreneurial journey and in your business. 

Take that to heart and make that an important piece of what you want and how you want to feel in 2020.  Incorporate it and put it on your calendar.  Calendar block all the things that are important to you, including self-care, the times you want to connect with people and do the things you just enjoy doing. 

Life is about enjoying, giving and being of service but also about being of service to YOU.  Loving you, enjoying life and being in gratitude is very important.

Have a fantastic start to your week.  Get to planning.  Start with this week and what you would like to accomplish this week.  Make sure to include you in that planning and the things that give you joy and fill your heart.