I spent time over the weekend in my garden, and as I was planting and watering my nightshades, I began thinking about a wonderful idea…

There’s a whole family of vegetables that are nightshades – tomatoes, eggplant and peppers are just a few of them. I planted my nightshades beside cucumber and lettuce, and I noticed that all of them are growing beautifully and will continue to grow, because the soil doesn’t care if I’m planting a nightshade or a regular vegetable.

As I was in my garden, I noticed that the weeds near my driveway were out of control. What I realized then, was that if you leave your soil unattended – even if you’re not planting anything at all – something will grow in its place – weeds!

The same concept is true about your mind, and I love this analogy because your mind is what governs your everyday habitual behavior. Everything that you believe, every thought that you bring into your mind and become emotionally involved in – gets embedded in your subconscious mind, which governs your daily behavior. Your mind, just like the soil in my garden, doesn’t care if you put in positive thoughts or negative thoughts, because it accepts everything that you put in it. 

Consciously, you can reject information, but your subconscious mind cannot. So, the soil – ie. your mind – accepts everything that you get emotionally involved in.

So, I want to ask you: What are you planting in your subconscious mind? Are you aware of what you’ve been planting?

If you don’t do mindset work every single day and you don’t consciously choose what to put in there, your mind will become overrun by weeds and it will be full of BS thoughts. Think of your mind in the same way that you think of fertile soil. Your subconscious mind doesn’t care whether you plant negative thoughts or positive ones. If you leave your mind unattended and you don’t continually choose what you feed your mind, it will become overrun with weeds, just like what happened in my yard.

I hope this gave you a little bit of ‘food for thought’ and inspiration for the day.