I’m currently doing a 28 day challenge with Katie Boyd that’s all about physical, mental and spiritual health, getting back in balance, releasing things that no longer serve us and following an intermittent fasting protocol where we’re fueling our body with things that are actually FUELING us.

It’s interesting, because I’ve only been doing it for a few days and I’ve already released 4 pounds. I was commenting in our accountability group that it’s amazing when we stop abusing our body, how quickly it bounces back when we treat it with love and kindness. Then, I went on to think about how accommodating and resilient Mother Earth is when we stop the abuse, too. With all of us being at home for a while, the air, lakes and rivers are clearing, and it’s amazing how when we stop the abuse on our bodies and in our Earth, how things transform really quickly.

Our bodies can be so forgiving, and so can the Earth. So the lesson here is, that we keep going.

Taking it another level, think about how you might be abusing yourself mentally. We have a lot of “stuff” and limiting beliefs – things that aren’t even serving us anymore and are holding us back from our true potential. Even in the midst of everything that’s going on, we can still have a voice, make a difference and thrive without feeling guilt or holding ourselves back, once we’re willing to let go of the baggage that we’re holding on to, and once we’re willing to stop filling our minds, bodies and the Earth with crap.

When we start to change our thinking and feed our mind with ideas and inspiration of things that we want to have as opposed to what we don’t want, we fill ourselves with solutions, joy and possibility. When we’re elevating our vibration and our level of awareness, amazing things start to happen.

Even with the unrest that’s out there – I acknowledge it, I’m aware of it, and I use my voice – but if you notice, I’m using my voice in a way that focuses on love, what I want, how I want people to treat each other, and how I want all of us to live together, grow, prosper and thrive.

I’ve trained myself and my mind to ask myself better questions that get me better results.

Just like I was able to release 4 pounds in 2 days, just by not treating my body like crap, and instead feeding it what it craves, practicing gentle yoga, consuming lots of water and wonderful nutritious food – I was no longer piling on the Covid potato chips and wine – and it’s amazing how quickly we can shift.

Our bodies and minds are resilient, but you have to make it a daily practice. The beautiful thing is that the world and humanity are the same way – if we stop feeding it crap, and we focus on feeding it goodness, positive vibes, thoughts and actions, we can create tremendous change in the world, our personal lives, bodies, Earth, and humanity.