Aloha!  I have a question for you and it’s important. Previously we’ve explored the question “who do you think you are?”  And it’s a really important question to ask yourself.  But when it comes to your results in life, another really powerful question to ask yourself is, “What am I expecting?”  

Your attitude is the composite of your thoughts, your feelings and actions.   And we hear the word attitude in our culture a lot. Things like – “You need an attitude adjustment.” Or  “You’d do a lot better if you had a better attitude.” How about “We’ve done all we can do for you health wise. The rest is up to you. Maintain a positive mental attitude.”  Or “If you want to have be more resilient, you have to have a good attitude.” But does anyone know how to shape an attitude? We talk about it so often and it is so important, but it’s not something that’s taught in school.

Look at your current circumstances, your current relationships, your job situation, your health, your wealth, or maybe just being appreciated.   Whatever that is for you, any area of your life where you’re not really getting the results that you want, ask yourself “what are my expectations?”  And I bet my paycheck on it that if you really examined your thinking and your expectations, your expectations would be a match for your current results.

So that’s why I ask “what are you expecting?” You can start to shift your attitude by expecting good.

I talk to so many people who are looking at their results or things on the horizon and they have poor expectations about what is going to manifest for them.   They’re always thinking about the worst case scenario. They always have a plan C, D E, F and all the way to Z, and they’re not betting on themselves.

When you’re not willing to bet on yourself, not willing to take a committed stand for doing something you want to do, that you’d love to do, that you dream of doing, andyou’re constantly thinking of all the things that could go wrong. Guess what? You’re setting expectations. And that energy is transmitted out into the ether. You’re going to attract more circumstances that are in harmony with those expectations.   You’re a powerful manifester right there. So think about that. Chew on that for the day. Think about where are some areas in your life where you’re not getting the results that you’d really like to have and then examine your thinking and your expectations as you’re approaching that situation.  I think you’ll start to uncover some things and thoughts that aren’t serving you very well.

So change it. You can develop a better attitude by simply changing what you expect to manifest or the outcomes that you’d like to see manifest. 

I hope that helps you for today. If you have questions or you need support in this journey, I’m here to help you, click on this link or message me, I’m always here!

Have a fantastic day!