There is no denying that we all have placed some self-imposed rules on ourselves. A few examples, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”  Or a favorite, “I need to ask a few people I don’t make spur of the moment decisions.”  I’ve also heard people get irritated when they receive invitations or questions from people who are offering marketing services, business opportunities, and training events, for example through LinkedIn.  Whether they know it or not, they are limiting themselves because either consciously or unconsciously they’ve placed certain rules of engagement in their way, further mudding up potential opportunities.

I’m not saying that we don’t need boundaries or to protect our energy, but you can do that AND be open to the opportunities for connection and forward momentum, that are all around you.

What if something, that person, or that opportunity is just meant for you and arriving at the right time?   What would happen if you relaxed a bit to listen and trust your intuition instead of being run by some self-imposed rules that really aren’t protecting you anyway?   What if the thing you are inspired to do, or the connection you are inspired to make, leads to something even better?

I can’t even begin to tell you how many inquiries I receive for services I am looking for and some I’m not and I do my best to respond to them, give them an opportunity to share in the thought that, although what they are offering might not fit for me right now, it could open up the possibility for collaboration or my ability to connect people.

Sometimes messages go unanswered, but I certainly don’t put negative energy toward them.  I trust my gut, respond to the ones that connect with me and I’m grateful that many of those encounters have led to other awesome things I was not expecting.

When we continue to impose all of these black and white rules, they can leave us stuck and set up a block in which we are unable to reach our intuition and inner GPS. When we aren’t continuously checking in with our inner wisdom and intuition, we lack trust in ourselves.

Our intuition and inner GPS is a muscle that needs to be exercised. They only way to develop better intuition is to use the muscle and get it to its optimum level.

It’s time to stop asking people who have never been where you are going for directions.

You’ve got to trust yourself; when you ask other people what you should do with your life, you are ultimately asking for their own beliefs and self-imposed rules. No one has been where you are going, we all have individual wants and desires out of this life. By asking others instead of checking in with yourself, you are stalling, and possibly missing out on an opportunity to make a quantum leap in your life and your business.

Imagine if you trusted yourself and were 100% confident in your ability. You can be, developing trust in your intuition is a learning and growing process. Every day you’ve got to practice using this muscle to make decisions. Eventually, you will get so clear and so good at making decisions based on your wants and desires that you will feel like you are acting on instinct and stepping in with 100% confidence and certainty.

You’ve got to be in tune with your vision and know what opportunities to seize, what opportunities are essential for you to leverage.

To level up your relationships, your life, or your business, you can’t keep doing the same things. You’ve got to recognize and leverage the opportunities around you; you do that by connecting with your intuition and inner GPS.   You have everything you need, inside of you; isn’t that empowering!?

Like anything, this takes practice to get your mental muscle in pristine condition. Carve a few minutes out of every day to work on connecting with your intuition and inner GPS by sitting quietly for 15 minutes every morning, in meditation, or in gratitude.  This will help clear the mental chatter and get you connected with YOU.

I am here to help you recognize the self-imposed rules that you are putting on yourself. Let’s hop on a 15 minute call and see which rule is the one holding you back.