Every single one of us has memories of our past, of tasks we do without thinking, and of emotional moments in our lives. But did you know memory is another one of your six mental faculties? Chances are good that you’re also using your memory all wrong, and it’s keeping you stuck in an endless cycle of the same results. So how can you use it more effectively?

What Memory Teaches Us

This blog post is part of a multi-part series on the six mental faculties (to read about the others, look at this one on intuition, another on perspective, another on imagination, and one on will).

Some people say they have a poor memory, others have a photographic memory, and some are trying to improve their memory. That’s all great, but only effective if you stop using your memory against yourself. When we use our memory to look at our past, very often we let that past dictate what we create in the future. For example, if you tried to ride a bike and you crashed and got hurt, every time you try to get on a bike after that you are anxious and scared. If someone hurts you or burns you in a business dealing, you start to distrust the people around you. And worse yet, we don’t trust ourselves. Your memory is teaching you to avoid these things that hurt you.

We’re making those past circumstances our point of support instead of using the essence of who we are and all that power that’s locked up inside of us. We have so much untapped potential that we don’t make use of because we get caught up in the same old patterns.

In other blog posts, I’ve talked about the concept of sunk cost bias and how that affects decision making. This is where people will engage in projects and things that they know are going poorly because of their past thinking or their past mistakes. However, they’ve already sunk money into this so they keep going, even though they know the result isn’t going to be great. Their ego is all tied up in it and that keeps them from saying, Wait, this isn’t working. Let me redirect. Let me pivot.

Using the Energy in Your Memory

Many times, I’ve mentioned that like energy attracts like energy. Our bodies are made up of molecules energy that are vibrating at a high frequency, which means our thoughts are energy. Energy is like a magnet, and it will attract the things (good or bad, depending on your thoughts) that are in alignment with our most predominant thoughts.

So how do you use your memory to accomplish these goals? By using the emotions that are connected to your memories. If you want to feel joy or at ease, or you just want to be abundant and present, then think back to a time when you felt that way. Maybe a time when you were so proud of yourself, or maybe you were simply carefree and joyful. Think back to a time in your life where you felt like you were just winning and you were on top of the world.

Bring that memory to your mind’s eye start to put it in sharp focus. At the same time, start creating an image of something that you would want to have in the future. This process is called creating future memories. You’re paring a memory of when you felt at ease and joyful (from a real situation that really happened) with the goal you want to attain.

Think of it like looking at an old scrapbook with the little pictures held in place by those square tabs. As you are turning the pages, those photos are starting to morph and shift into something that you want to be do or have. At the same time, you’re holding on to that feeling from the event that’s happened in the past. It’s really a powerful experience.

For example, if you want to start a business and be wildly successful so that you can give back to others, and feel free with your schedule, then think back to a time when you had that feeling of freedom. Now morph that picture into the image of what you truly desire in the future.

A Daily Exercise for Creating Future Memories

You can also try doing this with gratitude. Throughout your day or at the end of the day, be grateful for something that you’re manifesting in the future. You’re expressing gratitude for it right now, even though maybe it hasn’t physically manifested yet. I do this with a thick journal I have. Every night I write down three things that I’m grateful that happened during that day and then I write three things that I’m grateful for that will happen tomorrow. So I’m setting the precedent for tomorrow even though it hasn’t happened yet. When you’re sleeping, your mind is not in resistance and you are connected with your higher self. If you go to sleep with these positive future memories, your energy is working on making those things manifest.

I guarantee if you try this for a few days, you’re going to see that your days are suddenly more in alignment with what you’re deliberately creating.

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