Aloha! I hope your week is beginning well and that it will be full of abundance!  There’s a theme that keeps coming up whether I am in the midst of Group Coaching or one on one coaching and it’s the idea that there’s no such thing as a wrong turn 

I talk with a lot of people who are looking to really transition into something completely different than what they’ve been doing.  Some of the people I work with are retired from their jobs and looking for a way to give back or for ways in which they can increase their confidence and fulfillment in life.   Other people are in careers and they’re completely transitioning into something different because they’re tired of trading time for money.  They want to create that freedom in their lives so that they can be around the people that they love, their friends and families. So everybody’s a little bit different in their goals.  

Some people love what they’re doing for their job and they want to give back. They want their voice to be heard in the world and to make a difference.  It really just varies from person to person. But I’ve talked to a few people this week in particular where they found themselves stuck. They were so many options for them to choose from when they were trying to figure out, ‘gosh, what am I passionate about? What, what’s my purpose?’

I’ve actually had a couple people say  “I don’t want to choose the wrong thing because this is what I’m really going to put all of my energy into and I’m going to really make a go of this. And do it right.”  And “I don’t want to shift or change. I want to pick the right thing and go.”   But when we come from that mindset, that can keep us stuck. Because how do you know when you’ve picked the right thing? How do you know when you’ve picked the wrong thing? 

What I’d like for you to consider is that there is no such thing as choosing the wrong thing.  When you’re looking to discover what you’re passionate about or what your purpose is, or what your next steps might be to creating the life that you want to create, or leaving a legacy or even a topic for writing a book, it doesn’t matter.

There’s a multitude of options out there and we can get stuck in analysis paralysis. There are so many options out there. How do you choose? And trust me, I’ve been stuck in analysis paralysis, too! So my suggestion is to choose something.  

When you have the inclination or the inspiration to take action or an idea, act on it immediately.  

But what I find a lot of people doing is that once they get that inspiration, they don’t act on it immediately. And then the analysis paralysis starts to kick in.  “Well, wait a minute, is this the right thing?” “Well, how am I going to go on? Like what if it’s the wrong choice? I wonder if I should have gone this direction.”  The thing is, when you take a step, it’s not the wrongdirection. You take a step, you take action, then you’re going to be inspired to take another step and you might pivot.

Think of it like using the GPS in your car.   If you set a destination of where you want to go and put that destination in your GPS and then you just sit in your driveway, what happens?   You don’t move if it’s in Park!   While your GPS is going to have the destination, it’s not going to guide you because you’re not moving.  The same thing is true in life. You are your mental GPS . Your subconscious mind is the navigation system for your life.

Once you know what you want to create, there’s a multitude of options for you to take that you might love to be, do or have in order to get you to that, that point B.  But if you just sit there and wait for the perfect time or the perfect answer, guess what?  A year from now, you’re going to be sitting there in the parking lot waiting to be directed. It’s not going to happen. You haveto take a step.   When you get that spark of inspiration, take it, move! You’ll be guided to the next step. Don’t sit there in Park. 

You cannot be guided to get from point A to point B, if you’re not willing to take a step.   

You won’t choose the wrong thing, trust me.  Choose something that you are inspired to do, make a go of it and as you’re going, you will get more creative ideas to either expand upon that idea or to be incorporated into something else or something bigger.   Maybe somebody else comes into the picture and helps you expand that idea and you co-create something.
There’s a multitude of opportunities and options out there and the fun is setting that destination and then figuring out how you’re going to get there so you don’t have to have all the answers up front. 

So I hope that inspires you. If you’re stuck in analysis paralysis, just move. That’s when you’re going to start to find the inspiration and the answers that you’re seeking. that’s when you get to grow and to achieve your dream!

As always, if you have questions, need some advice or just a point (or a shove) in the right direction, message me. That’s what I do. That’s what I’m here for. We’ll get connected and get you pointed in the right direction!  Have an incredible week!