I’ve been in business for almost three years now, and since I started my business, I made the commitment to give 10% of all my earnings to charities that resonate with me.  I’ve been doing that consistently for two and a half years now. As a result, I had the honor of traveling to Africa to see some of the villages that I helped build and some of the schools for girls in the Masai Mara region, which was a life-changing trip.

 All along my goal has been to give 10x the amount to charities and organizations that resonate with me. I kept repeating that over and over again. I want to give 10x the amount because it also implies how much I’m receiving for the services I provide. This is of course, a portion of what I give, which means that my business is growing, thriving and doing really well.

But what I recently realized is that I’ve already 10x the giving, which is crazy!  When you put an idea out there of something that you’d like to be do or have, your job isn’t to really figure out the hownecessarily. It’s to get committed to the what. I wanted to 10 times my contribution to this organization and I did it.

When you commit and achieve, what consequently happens is you start to get inspired to take action. Whether it’s to get on a Facebook Live, go to an event, or to talk to somebody maybe that you hadn’t talked to in awhile. Whatever that is, you get inspired to do those things and those situations lead you to solutions.

When I was in Africa, I got to see all the schools and the children firsthand as well as visit a high school and attend the very first college graduation for these girls in the Masai Mara region.  What an honor and I knew that we needed to do more.  I wanted to give more and to give in a different way and to really be a part of this.  So we started a funding circle, and as of a couple of days ago, I did 10x my giving. I got a group of people together to fund 20 students for two years of their college program, the school of mechanics.  I am really grateful for that.  Plus we have 10 of the 20 girls sponsored, with a soft commitment for two or three more and are still looking for people to partner so we can help even more girls.    

If this is something that appeals to you, the idea of empowering women all around the world and giving them a chance to become entrepreneurs and leader in their communities and ultimately leaders in the world, then I welcome you. If contributing in the way that I am, and becoming a part of what I’m doing resonates then please message me and I’ll send you some information and you can decide from there. 

My suggestion for you is to get focused on what you want, get clear on it, and when you feel inspired to take action, do it. Do it immediately. Do it in the moment so it doesn’t fade away and become a distant memory.  That is the power of committing to your dreams and goals.