The conference room is full of excuses, and every one of them is something I have heard before. The Owner/CEO and his team of vice presidents are trying to explain to me why the business isn’t reaching the next level, while I listen and take notes, all part of the intake process. It doesn’t matter what the excuses are because they all boil down to the same thing—something external is preventing the business from growing.

Those external influences, however, are not the true cause of the company’s struggles. They’re also not part of the solutions. If that sounds like a whole different way of looking at your company, it is, and if you can shift the way you think about challenges and success, you can shift the trajectory of your future. How? Well, you have to understand how the mind works before you change how it’s impacting you.

So many of the people I work with are struggling with their businesses and their lives. They feel like they’re stretched in ten different directions and at the same time, trying to tread water in rough seas. They are usually effective in some areas, but not all, and the constant juggling act is exhausting them, their teams, and their businesses.

If you think this doesn’t apply to you, first ask yourself a few questions: Are you working incredibly hard, but at the expense of having the life you wanted when you first started out? Are you constantly trying to catch up on the important details of your life? Are you putting yourself last on the list over and over again? Are you missing the soccer games and saying no to the spontaneous vacations with a loved one?

If so, then what are you doing all this for?

The months of quarantine during Covid-19 gave many people a wake-up call. They were at home for weeks at a time, and suddenly realizing how much they were missing out on by pouring everything they had into their businesses—and despite those efforts, still not moving the company ball forward at the pace they wanted. They were on a hamster wheel that wasn’t going anywhere, and those futile efforts were costing them valuable time with their loved ones. As life starts to return to normal, and business owners return to their offices, those realizations become even stronger.

The first question I ask an entrepreneur or CEO is a simple one on its surface, but ultimately, these few words delve into many complicated issues.

What would you desire, if you knew could not fail?

Are your current goals energizing you or do they feel overwhelming?

What is holding you back?

What would happen if you BELIEVED you could do anything?

How committed are you to improving your circumstances?

Gain clarity on these questions first, paying particular attention to your level of commitment.  In order for you to close your knowing-doing gap, you must change the mental programming that is keeping you from what you truly want.

I am here to help you gain clarity and momentum.  I you would like my help and are committed to doing the work and being coachable, let’s connect on a call.