A simple decision can make or break your chances for success.

It’s not in the way you might think though…

I find many people are so afraid of making the wrong decision so they “play it safe” by not making a decision at all.

The problem with that way of thinking, is by not making a decision and choosing to procrastinate, they actually are making a decision.

Every day, decisions are being made by us either consciously or unconsciously when it comes to our level of success, fulfillment, happiness, wealth, health and abundance.

When we consciously choose our path and make a decision that’s in alignment with our goals we are not only empowering ourselves, we are also putting ourselves in harmony with our goals and the life we want.

When we choose, or make a decision to procrastinate, we are choosing the status quo on an unconscious level.  We are keeping ourselves in harmony with creating more of the same.

You will never reach your dreams if you don’t learn to make effective decisions, that are in harmony with what you want, quickly.  Energetically and by law, it’s impossible.

The law of vibration decrees we live in an ocean of motion; nothing stays the same; everything is made of energy, resonating at different frequencies.

When we make a committed decision to achieve something we’ve never done before, we are automatically putting ourselves in harmony with our desires.

Our job, is to keep ourselves in harmony so that we will attract all we need to make it a reality.

We do that, by taking a step, making decisions and taking actions toward our goals every day.  We may not see all of the steps needed to get from point A to point B, but one thing is for certain; you will never see all of the steps if you procrastinate because that way of thinking is bringing you back in harmony with your old, familiar results.

Think of a car GPS.  You plug in the destination, but the GPS doesn’t start giving you directions until you start moving.  If you make a wrong turn…it’s ok, because the GPS will re-route you.

The same is true with making decisions and taking decisive action.  If you stand still, you’ll get no guidance, no sparks of creativity or inspiration.  however, once you take a step, you’ll see what to do next and your internal GPS will navigate you to success.  

If you take a detour, you’ll get re-routed.  There are no bad decisions except for indecision.

Stop expecting to do things perfectly; stop worrying about making a mistake and just go! 

Steve Jobs once said,

“You can’t connect the dots moving forward, but you can connect them looking back.” 

Learn to tap into your inner wisdom and just move.

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