The Energy of Creation and the Drain of Comparison

When Albert Einstein discovered energy could not be destroyed, and it could only be changed from one form to another, he made a groundbreaking scientific discovery. But if you apply his theories to life and success, you’ll see that Einstein had the secret to dreaming big all along.

The Laws of Physics, including the Laws of Conservation of Mass and Energy that Einstein studied, prove that nothing is created or destroyed. Essentially, everything that ever was and ever will be is in existence right now.

How is that possible? Think about the cell phone that’s in your hands right now. The technology for the cell phone has always been here and available to us, yet it wasn’t until people imagined the possibility of having a small device in the palm of their hand that could reach any person in any part of the world at any time, that products seemed to appear out of the ether. The energy was there—it just needed to be transformed from an idea to a product.

“Man is only limited by weakness of attention and poverty of imagination.”

-Neville Goddard

Goddard says that we limit ourselves because we don’t dare to dream big. The truth is, there is an abundant supply of everything we need to manufacture and realize any dream.

So, if we start with the proven theory that nothing is either created or destroyed, why do we get so caught up in limiting beliefs based on a mindset of scarcity? A mindset that tells us it can’t be done or that we won’t be able to accomplish it.

Here’s a simple truth: Limited thinking creates limited results. 

We have been conditioned to believe those counterproductive thoughts that keep us stuck in the hustle and grind. We’re always trying to keep up with or one-up the competition as if we are trying to get our “piece of the pie,” forgetting that the pie is unlimited.

According to the Universal Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, energy shifts and transmutes itself from one form to another. An ice cube melts into water; apply heat, and it becomes ether. It’s still the same substance, just in a different form.

Why aren’t we doing this with our thoughts? Transforming that energy into one that thinks bigger, more positively? I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase we become our thoughts; well, this is how we think things into existence. We have an idea to have something and that idea, when we become emotionally involved in it, strengthens our belief that we can have it. If we persist in that belief, that emotional connection causes us to feel a certain way, and that feeling moves us into action. The thoughts you choose to entertain will dictate the direction you take.

If you get caught up in always looking over your shoulder at the competition, subconsciously, you are coming from a mindset of lack and scarcity. You will find yourself working to put out fires and constantly shifting priorities to keep up. You will feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel and getting nowhere. As a result, you and your team will feel exhausted and burned out.  When you focus on ideas such as competition and comparison, there is less mental energy for creation.

How do you shift that mindset? It can be done, and it can transform your life and your business, just as Einstein promised. If you are ready to express the abundance of creativity that is locked up inside of you and your team and get out of the grind, book a call and let’s have a conversation. Let’s get your thought energy directed and focused so you can exceed your wildest dreams.