When someone asks you what your job title is, how do you respond? We wear multiple hats throughout the day and sometimes more than one at a time. For example, you could be a mother of three, CEO of a company, and a caregiver to your elderly father, all at the same time. But do these titles really encapsulate who you are? Do they describe the essence of your genuine self?

This week we sat down with George Grombocher, a finance industry veteran, podcaster, writer, former tennis player, and a self-proclaimed handful. He has many titles, but when asked, he describes himself as a non-conforming transcendentalist and minimalist. The focus with that is not to label what we do, but to peel back the layers of a person in order to reset, reawaken, and regain control of who we are. Traditional titles can limit us to fitting certain definitions and can contribute to keeping us stuck in the rat race we know all too well. When we can drill down to the essence of who we are, as opposed to what we do, life is much more joyful and our mindset has the room to expand.

It took George twelve years to leave the environment of a big corporation and become an entrepreneur —finally getting him out of the rat race. It certainly was not an overnight process and is one that is constantly evolving, but now he can live life on his own terms. He shared that doing this was hard work but not impossible, because he had learned so much from his ‘titles’ over the years, especially the one of “tennis player.” The sport required him to be physically and mentally strong. He had to have confidence in himself, no matter what happened during the previous play, and he had to keep moving forward, while also getting over any success or failure in the past. Because of that, he knew he was capable of anything, so he took that idea and ran with it fearlessly when he decided to pursue his true life goals. He may have had no idea where he was headed, just that he was going to break out of the endless cycle of chasing pennies and squirrels.

So many of us can remain stuck in our comfort zones, unable to reach our potential, because we aren’t willing to face uncertainty. We’re so worried about what we have to let go of that we can’t see what we’re going to gain. I get it. That comfort zone is predictable, safe, and certain.

But in order to change your circumstances, you have to cross that terror barrier, remain resilient, and have a strong belief in yourself, just like George did. You might still encounter fear every day but instead of running from it, you should run into it. Being excited and a little bit scared at the same time is totally okay. When you crash through the uncertainty and work through the discomfort of the unknown, your results can—and will be—incredible.

George now helps other people “get better at money so they can live how they want”. To do that, they have to know what they want out of life and what kind of life they want to live. Then he’ll help them implement the financial habits that will help them achieve their goals.

Worrying about money can be the number-one factor keeping you stuck in the rat race. Learn to be the CEO of your own financial life because there is no one more interested in your success more than you. Managing money can often be an uncomfortable task. You might mismanage it or ignore what you need to do altogether. However, if you can take responsibility for your financial life, you can build new habits that will get you closer to that dream life.

Here are some of George’s tips to manage your money and achieve financial success:

  1. Pay yourself first. Get into the habit of putting aside money for yourself before paying anyone else.
  2. Stay out of debt. Become debt-free and don’t take on any more debt.
  3. Diversify. Diversify your approach to investing your money.

Following this framework doesn’t need to be complicated and it doesn’t matter how old you are when you start. When it comes to investing for your future, the best time to invest was yesterday, but the second-best time is today. Don’t put it off because you don’t know where to start. Call on an expert who can help point you in the right direction.

I want you to do a quick visualization that helps you get closer to the right financial mindset. Close your eyes and think about these questions: How do you want to feel when you look at your bank account? Do you want to feel at ease? How much will it take to have the life you want? If you had that life, what impact would you have on others and on your community? Whatever comes to mind, just write it down. The answers to these questions create your goal and your vision. Then you can start taking inspired actions to make your vision a reality.

Please reach out to George at www.MoneyAlignmentAcademy.com or listen to his podcast “Lifeblood” if you need to break or implement some financial habits that will benefit you and help you navigate a life lived on your terms.

If you want to start changing your mindset and make that big goal a reality, visit my website at www.RatRaceReboot.com. There you can download some handouts, sign up for my podcast, read past blog posts, and start changing your future. Remember, everything is created twice, first in your mind and second in physical form.