Springtime has sprung and is giving new life to new energy. Now is the perfect time to break free from stagnant energy and do some mental housekeeping.

Universal laws are precise and exact.  The Law of Gender decrees that all seeds, including spiritual seeds or ideas, have a gestation period before they move into form or are manifested.

When we plant tomato seeds, we don’t question whether or not we’ll harvest tomatoes. In that process, we nurture the seeds with sunlight, food, and water. We do periodic gardening and housekeeping to ensure the soil doesn’t become overrun by weeds.

As we move into spring, you’ll notice people in their yards clearing out plant beds, making way for new energy and life.

Do you see?  There is a precise rhythm, and we can use this knowledge to our advantage when we align ourselves, our physical space, and our thoughts with Universal Laws.

For anything to grow, it requires energy and a period of incubation; however, we can shorten that gestation period through focused energy and concentration when it comes to our goals and dreams.  Where your attention goes is where your life-giving energy flows.

The problem I encounter with so many people I talk with is they feel blocked and like their energy is being diffused, and life feels like an uphill battle of endless “to-do’s,” obligations, limiting beliefs, and old habits; in other words…weeds.

Do you ever notice times in your life when you feel like you need a change?  Maybe it’s a new hairstyle or look or perhaps a new job or hobby.  There is a reason for that.  You are no longer the same person you were a week ago, a month, or a year ago, and your intuition is telling you to let go and move.

We often don’t move due to fear of the unknown, fear of failure, or what others might think, yet it’s that same fear that keeps us stagnant.  Spring is simply a reminder that everything is in a state of change from one form to another and that we are constantly evolving.

Now, when I get the urge to try a fun new hairstyle, workout routine and completely change my daily schedule or money flow, I know something big is on the horizon. Being sensible and logical is what the masses are doing.  If you want to be extraordinary and be extraordinary in your results, you need to do periodic mental housekeeping so that your energy is in alignment with what you want.

Where do you feel stagnant, and where would you like to gain momentum?

I am moving toward earning seven figures, which requires me to change some of my habits and change how I see myself, the types of conversations I am having about money, and what I’ll do with that money.

My desire is also inspiring me to connect with more people who are already earning what I want so that I can learn; how are they being of service and giving, how do they feel about money, how are they living their lives, for example. 

For you, maybe it’s money or perhaps relationships or finding your purpose.  What you want is in your reach and is yours if you are willing to let go of the things that are holding your energy captive.

Do you know where your energy is blocked and how to move through it?  If you are ready to be supported, I can show you how.  Book a call….