A paradigm is a group of habits that are programmed into the subconscious mind that controls our behavior. 

It is a mental program that has almost exclusive control over your habitual behavior. When you think about it, virtually all of your behavior is habitual. When you get up in the morning and go to bed at night, you follow a routine. And the way you eat, exercise, work, relax, and wake up and go to sleep are all habits.

Now, let’s look at some other aspects of your life that your paradigm has enormous influence over. It controls your…

√ Perception

√ Use of time

√ Creativity

√ Effectiveness

√ Productivity

√ Logic

√ Ability to earn money

The paradigm puts a box around every one of those areas, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t knock down the walls and achieve success until you change the mental program.

How did I get these paradigms?

Pretty much everything you were exposed to as a young child also became part of your paradigm.

When you were a child, whatever happened around you went right into your subconscious mind because your subconscious mind is not deductive and only accepts what you feed it.  As a result, all of those experiences formed your paradigm. Any ideas you were exposed to repeatedly were like seeds being planted in fertile soil. They took root and have become part of the paradigm that controls every aspect of your life.

We’re not taught about paradigms in school. Here we are, 20… 30… 40… 60 years later, living the same way we were programmed to as young children.

Shifting the paradigm is upgrading the software of your mind.

You can’t change your life and paradigm on self-will alone. You’ve got to put in the mental work. Think of it this way; your behavior causes your results and the underlying cause of behavior is your paradigm.   If you want to change your results, you’ve got to stop looking to blame sources outside of yourself, and instead, look within yourself and change your thinking. One way of shifting your paradigm is through repetition of a new idea or thought you WANT to believe. It is exposing yourself to a new idea over and over again, intending to replace an old, limiting beliefs that are in your subconscious mind.

To get started, consciously choose a new belief aligned with the results you want and the habits that will lead you to those results. Then impress that idea—by focusing on it, visualizing it, and repeating it with feeling—on your subconscious mind repetitively.

Changing just a small part of the old paradigm can make an enormous difference in the results you enjoy in every area of your life.

Regardless of how many times you might have tried before, you CAN get far better results in your life. However, it’s tough to do without professional help. If you’d like to turn your deepest desires into lasting results, allow me to help you. We all deserve to live the life of our dreams, and you can begin living that life sooner by accepting help.