This past week, I was struggling with my energy and mood. I actually felt a little guilty and irritated with myself for feeling that way.  I had things I wanted to accomplish so I just kept pushing myself and as a result, my mood and energy levels started to decline.

I know our energy and thoughts attract like energy, thoughts, and results. I felt like I should’ve been able to rise above the physical ailments and mood, however, nothing I was doing seemed to work.

Then I was talking with a client who was actually in the same mental space that week and through our conversation, I started listening to the words I was saying and that truth rang loud and clear.

Since everything is energy and energy always comes back to its source, I started thinking about the idea of leaving everyone with the impression of increase.  That means, leaving everyone better off than when you found them.  It’s seeing the good in all people and letting them know you see it; giving them a sincere compliment is an example of this.  A random act of kindness is another way to give positive energy.

Another way, I know I tend to forget, is to leave myself with the impression of increase.  Quite often, nurturing ourselves seems to be the last thing we think about when we are focusing on giving to others and taking care of others in the spirit of being selfless and loving.  How often do we keep pushing ourselves without offering ourselves a break or acknowledging the beautiful beings we really are?

My mood and lack of energy was a signal to me, to get back to the basics of nurturing myself.  Slowing down, taking a pause and taking time for myself was counterintuitive to me because I felt I had so much I wanted to accomplish and so little time. 

Every single time I’ve pushed myself to the limit and taken this time for myself, even though it was taking me away from my work, I found more ease in flow in my work and life AND…I actually accomplished more!  Here’s what I did…

  1. Woke up a bit earlier and moved my body with a bit of ashtanga yoga.
  2.  Spent about 10-20 minutes meditating
  3.  Took an extra 15 mins to pamper myself with an at-home facial
  4.  Walked with my husband and the pups
  5.  Took time to relax and eat breakfast with my husband
  6. Prepared for bed 30 mins earlier than usual and meditated

After just two days of living this way, I am more focused, definitely calmer and certainly more connected with everyone I come in contact with…I’m even more connected with myself.

Find what works for you and do the things that bring you joy.  It requires no more effort to be successful in attaining your dreams and goals. In fact, when you create ease and flow in your life, you’ll find there is much less striving and reaching and much more a sense of letting positive things flow into your life.  I mentioned this idea last week; calmness allows and force negates.