I felt inspired to share something with you from my past experience when I was starting out.  I have an automated calendar where people can book an appointment with me if they are interested in getting coaching or they’re wanting to invest in themselves and get a mentor. I used to take every single call that would get booked on my calendar as long as I blocked the time.  Typically, I don’t have that much time on my calendar, but a few times a week I do open it up for appointments.

Well about three years ago, if somebody scheduled a time on my calendar and they didn’t always answer my simple prescreening questions, I would take their call anyway, even if the questions weren’t filled out completely.  But what I realized is that I don’t need to do that anymore.

Here’s a video I shared about this topic in my Stretch Into Success Facebook Group:


I recently got an appointment on my calendar, and when I asked the questions, “What is your goal? How long have you wanted this? What have you been doing and working on in order to get there? How meaningful is this to you?” – basically a lot of thought provoking questions that would get that person in a good space, so we could have an intelligent conversation about what they’re looking to do – well, I noticed that this person wrote N/A (not applicable) on all of them.

My goal is to help everyone and serve everyone. So, I struggled with whether I should take that call.  I struggled. I socialized, and thought about it, and finally the next morning I decided to just say, “I’m sorry but based on your responses, you don’t qualify for a call this time. However, if you put some effort into your answers and fill this out, you’re more than welcome to book an appointment with me.” Well, the person never booked the appointment. What I learned from this is that in order to create new in your life, you have to let go of the old.

You have to let go of the old thought patterns. 

That person had been on my calendar and that space was blocked. Consequently, somebody who really is looking toward putting an effort into improving their life, who’s really looking to be coached and mentored to accelerate the results, doesn’t have a space available to them to have a conversation with me.   So, I opened it up and it actually felt really good. As a result of that, I had some really great conversations after.

That theme just keeps coming up. When we are so cluttered in our lives, hoarding thoughts, hoarding beliefs, hoarding things, we don’t have room to welcome in the new.

I want to ask you to examine where you might not be getting the results in your life. Where are you kind of just missing the mark? What are some thoughts and ideas or things that you’re doing that you could really afford to let go of, so that you can welcome the new, a new reality, new results, a new circumstance, new relationships, whatever that is for you?

I’m inviting you to commit to give that some thought, maybe journal on it, and make a decision to let go of some of those things that aren’t serving you anymore, so that you can grow, so that you can level up to your dream.  I hope that inspires you today.