2020 has been one for the books, and many people are saying it’s been difficult for them to be productive and they are feeling overwhelmed.

Lack of productivity starts in your mind, so if you can target those nasty thinking habits coming your way, you can do something about them and improve your productivity and shut down those feelings of overwhelm.

A non-productive thought is a habitual way of thinking that does not lead to any benefits, outcomes, or positive results. Such a mindset pulls your focus away from goals, level of fulfillment, and robs you of your joy and feelings of empowerment.

Here are three sneaky non-productive thought habits that might be getting in your way.

  1. Laziness

When I talk about laziness, I’m not talking about idleness per se, but about inactivity in thinking. If you are a lazy thinker, nothing can help you. You cannot analyze what’s wrong; you cannot come up with a better solution because you don’t think. You allow life to be lived on autopilot.

Do this instead:  Take 15 minutes, first thing in the morning to decide what kind of attitude you will have throughout the day; that no matter what happens, you will be in control of you and your thoughts.  Decide what kind of thoughts you will choose to think, how you will feel emotionally throughout the day, and what actions will you take toward your goal…even if it is one baby step.  Follow this simple, but effective routine every day.

  1. I Can’t

When you think you can’t do something, you abort productivity before it has even a chance to be born. If you can’t or you won’t, well, how can anything happen? When you are running on autopilot and face change, it’s so much easier to say, “I Can’t.”

Do this instead:  Remove that word from your vocabulary…seriously.  When faced with an obstacle, get a sheet of paper out and write all of the ways you CAN overcome it.  When you feel yourself reverting back to “can’t”, say out loud, “NEXT,”  and then continue brainstorming and writing down ways that you CAN.  This is a way of training your mind to search for solutions instead of seeing the obvious obstacle.

  1. Chaos

When you don’t have a goal, a set schedule or know your priorities, your brain is searching to find the answers. If you don’t have a plan, you can get so overwhelmed and that can leave you frozen…I’ve definitely felt that way.

Do this instead:  Write your goal down every day and plot out your day on your calendar, first thing in the morning or better yet, before you go the bed the day prior.  Choose one thing you must accomplish that day toward your goal…not 20 things.  Keep the overwhelm low and celebrate the win.

Non-Productive thoughts are not new to you; they are your dominant knee jerk reaction when faced with adversity.

There are so many more unproductive thoughts that will continue to pop up. The key is to be focused when you realize you have an unproductive thought begin to think of what you would rather believe, instead. It’s time to stop running on autopilot and start consciously moving forward toward your ultimate goals and dreams.

To establish new, improved, permanent results and reach your goals you must change take charge of your non-productive thought habits. I’m here to help pinpoint and navigate beyond your non-productive thoughts so you can reach your goals with grace and flow.