“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine. –John C. Maxwell

I want to give you an update because I’ve been working hard at changing a habit; and as you know, changing habits is not easy.  

One of those habits for me has been with looking at my cell phone, my social media and my email first thing in the morning when I wake up.  Because I use my phone as my alarm clock, it is a slippery slope and very easy to fall into this habit.  You might know it, too.  I used to wake up in the morning, shut off my alarm and then immediately go right into my phone.  I was literally diving into emails & looking at Facebook at 5:00 / 6:00 AM. What am I seriously going to do at that time of the morning? Absolutely nothing, but that didn’t stop me from falling into that habit. Which really messed up with my flow and the routine in the morning that I wanted to instill.  I wanted to meditate, get focused and intentionally set steps and goals along with mini achievements to accomplish during the day.  This practice was really just blowing my focus.

I’m going to be really honest, two days and it was going really well. Day three, I didn’t check my email or Facebook, butI did pick up my phone.  I think I started to do something technical, and it started to throw me off kilter, so I immediately stopped, and recalibrated.  I got back onto my routine. Yesterday, I fell off the wagon, and I was all discombobulated. Today, I’m back on.

Our programming has been with us since we were little babies and our subconscious minds were wide open.  That’s where a lot of our habitual behavior gets installed.  Of course I wasn’t a baby with a cell phone, but when we do something long enough, repetitively, it becomes a part of our habitual behavior.  We don’t even think about it.  I don’t think about checking my phone and my social media multiple times during the day, especially in the morning.   But I really wanted to get a handle on that because that set the tone for my day.

Clearly, looking at the phone is a paradigm that’s deeply embedded in my subconscious mind and it’s fighting me right now. My old habitual pattern and way of being is fighting me because it doesn’t want me to grow and move forward.

Don’t give yourself a hard time when you’re trying to change habits and you want to create a better life for yourself. Your old habitual way of being, your old paradigms, that old mindset, is going to fight you. You fight back! You choose to be in charge of you, no matter the circumstance. You make a decision to lead yourself.

I’m not quitting. I’m back on it today and I’ll be back on it tomorrow.  It’s just going to take some time.  I’ve heard it actually takes a minimum of 21 days to create a new habit and as much as 66 days to really instill a new habit or longer if it’s something that’s really buried deep within your subconscious mind.

So be patient with yourself if you’re trying to change those habits and have gratitude for the small wins that you’re having.  I’m not beating myself up for falling down.  And I’m not a failure. I might have failed temporarily, but I’m still going. That’s the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. That’s me reaching for my goal no matter what and getting back up, dusting myself back off, and doing it, getting right back at it, and that’s what I want for you.

I am so grateful for this life that I have, and I’m so grateful for being able to share it and see the wins and successes that you all are sharing out on Facebook and in our conversations. I want to stay in touch so if you have questions about the subconscious mind, about paradigms, about instilling new habits, about seeing the gratitude and the positive, no matter what circumstances that you’re dealing with, then I want to get on a call with you or we’ll chat on Facebook, and I want to help you see it for yourself.

If you’re haven’t scheduled a call with me yet, let’s connect!