I have a question for you – Do you look for the positive or negative in situations?

So many people in the world are struggling right now, so it’s easy for our minds to find the bad, sad or depressing, especially when we’re scrolling through our social media feeds.

But I want to steer you in the direction to look for the good. I want to motivate you to BE the good. And I want to encourage you to scroll through your social media feeds with the intention that you will find the good, because it’s there. 

Social media has been a big part of how I’ve built and grown my coaching business over the years. And through social media, I’ve been able to connect and network with individuals all over the globe who are freely sharing their gifts with the world. So many of my friends are showing up online sharing innovative and creative ways to spread their positivity and be of service. 

I see fitness instructors who are sharing different ways to work out from home. I see people who are wonderful with children who are sharing how to homeschool.

And I 100% guarantee that you have gifts to share with the world, too. 

Maybe you have systems in place that could help others. Maybe you’re a musician who could share your gift of lessons, or maybe you could help elevate people’s vibration and energy. Maybe your gift isn’t meant to serve in the social media realm – maybe it’s picking up the phone and listening to someone who is struggling.

Look for the gifts that you have within yourself that you can share, because this is how we connect with others and get through difficult times.

There’s no doubt that the world is rough and scary right now – but when you look for the good, there’s so much beauty, love, community, support and connection, too.

Spreading joy is my gift. It’s how I will continue to show up, connect with and be of service to you.

In the comments please let us know – what gifts do you share with the world?

Take care and be well.