In the last post I wrote about breaking through our terror barrier. That’s all about plowing through fear and doing what we are afraid of, which is great, but that doesn’t mean fear won’t still get in the way sometimes. Fear, however, is like a giant roadblock in the middle of the highway when you’re on a road trip. In your mind, it’s the block between us and our God-given gift of intuition.

So how do you push that fear aside and start letting your intuition guide you? It’s all about listening with intent.

Listen to That Little Feeling

I talk a lot about taking inspired action, which is the action steps we take that are in alignment with what we truly desire. Taking inspired action, however, requires listening to our intuition, and more importantly, trusting our intuition.

What is intuition? It’s that little voice guiding you along; that “feeling” you get when you just know something is right or wrong. It’s that voice of wisdom telling you to bring an umbrella with you when it’s a sunny day outside. You think it’s crazy (and everyone around you might too), but later the skies open up and you’re really glad you brought that umbrella.

I liken intuition to a GPS system. If you were to sit in the driveway, your GPS is not going to provide you with instructions or guidance. You have to take one action step so that you can be guided to your destination. That one action step leads to the next, and the next, until you are at your destination. Even if you make the wrong turn, your GPS is going to reroute you. But can your GPS ever steer you wrong?

Sometimes we make decisions, and we aren’t sure if we are headed in the right direction. I like to tell people that when you are in harmony with what you desire, you can literally feel your intuition guiding you. But when you are bombarded by the circumstances going on around you, and you’re stuck in analysis paralysis, that’s your fear talking. Just listen to your gut for a second—are you feeling joyous and excited or anxious and scared?

How to Get Yourself Back on Track

When you’re stuck in fear, a great way to overcome this is to tell yourself to sit down, shut up, quiet your mind and get in harmony with what you want. I mean it. Just talk out loud to yourself and say, “Sit down, shut up, and stop thinking that.” Quiet your mind, either with a meditation or just by going somewhere solitary, and stop the negative churning thoughts. When you do that, clarity will come.

I know this because I’ve been there. When I made the transition from being in the military to running my own business, there were decisions I had to make that cost me tens of thousands of dollars because I didn’t follow my intuition. When I first started out, I hired a coach to help me with my Facebook ads and help connect me to the right people who needed my services. Within a few months, my ads were really starting to take off. Wonderful people were finding me, and we were having great conversations. My calendar started to explode with appointments. When it started overwhelming me, I knew I needed to start building my team.

So, I hired an “expert” Facebook ad guy to take over and continue to build my business page. He came highly recommended by someone I trusted. For the first three months, we were starting to get in a rhythm. But then he said he wanted to set up new ads and make some changes, which quickly added to his fees. I agreed to this, but something in the back of my head made me question his tactics. “Why is he redoing this? This is working, we should be working off this momentum.” Instead of speaking up and listening to my intuition, I let fear of being wrong keep me from making changes.

At the same time, I hired a person to screen prospective clients before they came to me. She was friendly and bubbly, but she didn’t listen well. That bothered me, but I hired her because I liked how friendly she was. She kept booking calls for me, but the people she found were not the right fit. I was paying all this money to these people, and I didn’t have any money coming in. I was so stressed out and could see everything heading for disaster so I basically burned it all down and started over.

Don’t Let the Fear Dictate Decisions

My intuition was telling me to ask questions, but I was letting my fear of not knowing enough and not understanding tech and wanting to be nice and agreeable to get in the way of what my intuition was screaming at me to do. I lost so much money because I didn’t listen.

Essentially, in certain areas of my business, I wasn’t crashing through my terror barrier. I was in my comfort zone when I wasn’t learning the tech or when I wasn’t coming up with a better system to screen and schedule calls. I was afraid of doing those things, instead of listening to my intuition, which was telling me I had to handle it.

When you let yourself stay in your comfort zone or when you let fear take over, there are a few ways to get back to listening to your intuition. Try it right now. Sit still for a minute. Just pause, and ask yourself these questions:

What am I feeling right now?

Why am I feeling this way?

What do I need right now?

Don’t ignore any of the answers, and be truly honest with yourself. Are you feeling anxiousness or calm? Are you worried and stressed or excited about the next step? Next, think about your desired result and start taking inspired action that causes you to feel calm and centered. If I had done this small exercise, I would have saved so much heartache and drama later on. All I needed to do was pause so that I would have asked better questions in the moment, and stopped letting fear drive the car.

A part of my non-negotiable practice for every day is to tap into my inspired action and intuition. I want you to make this something you do every single day too. Once you start flowing with your intuition, you’ll see incredible shifts in your thinking and the opportunities that open up before you.

It’s not easy, but I’ll take you step by step through the process. A great place to start would be to head over to and download The Six Mindset Changing Techniques to Lead A More Fulfilled Life. Following your intuition can save you time, money and heartache.

Tell me, have you followed your intuition this week? What was the end result?