This last week was the most incredible and life-changing week I have ever experienced. I traveled to Kenya’s Maasai Mara region with an organization I’ve partnered with, The Unstoppable Foundation.

I’ve come to understand and realize that much of the world’s population doesn’t have access to clean water, food, education, etc.  I wanted to find a way to help and that’s how I discovered The Unstoppable Foundation.

Here’s a video I put together sharing the experience:


With access to clean water, nutrition, medical care, education, and job training, the ability to create self-sustainable villages and communities can become a reality.  The Unstoppable Foundation is helping the people in the Maassai region do just that. Education for girls in this region is generally not possible. It’s not uncommon for girls to marry very young and their role is to fetch water for the family.  It can literally be an all-day, life-draining job.

On this trip, I had the honor to meet many incredible women including Mama Jane, who has such an amazing soul and who set out to be an example to other women in the community.

She invited us to her home and shared her pride and joy with us. She lives, as most people in the Massai do, in a hut made of wood and mud. She was determined to have her own home constructed of brick and stone and although she didn’t have enough money to make this happen, she figured out a way to bring someone in to build it while she walked 30 minutes round trip to the river, to fetch 38, 50-liter containers a day to make the mortar.  Yes, she made that trip 38 times every day!

It’s taken her about 8 years to fully construct her home and last year she finally added the windows. Now she only has the ceiling and painting to complete!

I had the chance to walk 15 minutes to the river, and carry one of those full water containers on my back and head.  Let me tell, you…just one trip was really difficult.

How many people would have quit after one or two trips or even at the point where they wrapped their brain around what sacrifices they would have to make to get what they want?

Mama Jane is willing to do whatever it takes to reach her dreams. She also is teaching and leading other women in the community as well…what an inspiration!

She has been blessed because she and her children are getting an education. Because of Mama Jane’s education, she has been able to significantly reduce disease and illness in her community by introducing some new concepts such as:

  • Elevated drying racks for dishes and clothes
  • Washing dishes outside of the home (washing dishes in the home caused bug problems which invited disease)
  • Chimney for the home (the ceilings in the huts are completely black and many children have respiratory issues due to smoke inhalation in the home)
  • Hand wash and water at every outdoor toilet.

So much change is happening through women and girls taking a stand for their education.

I also had the honor of meeting some amazing young college students at WE College and experienced the first-ever WE College graduation.

These ladies truly study and understand the mind and take full responsibility for their attitudes and results. They are learning leadership concepts that we simply don’t teach in the West.

Hearing their stories of how their families were resistant to them attending school and then seeing their joy and support at graduation, melted my heart.  These powerful women are changing the world and I am committed to doing more.

I am taking a stand to fund the first ever School of Mechanics and I want you to join me.

For the first time in my life, I have made a committed decision to give a percentage of my earnings to make a difference in this world. I can honestly tell you, I have grown and gained from this giving more than I ever could have imagined. This is my purpose.

I think we can all give more and I promise you, when you give from your heart, it will come back to you hundreds of times over.

If you want to join me in supporting this cause and maybe even travel with me to the graduation, message me and I’ll send you the information.