This past week, I had the honor and privilege of attending and coaching the LURN Master’s Class in Rockville, MD.  Over 100 highly motivated entrepreneurs attended this incredible, 5-day event so they can start new businesses; catapult projects and businesses they are already working at, mastermind and most importantly, create personal freedom in their lives.

I love helping people create and live their dreams. One of the benefits of helping others is the personal growth I get to experience while being of service.

One of the conversations we were having revolved around money.  The lead, transformational coach, Jeremy Bellotti said, “you can’t be given a million-dollar business and expect it to run when you have a $2,000.00 mindset.”  Think about that! 

Think about how many stories we’ve all heard about people who win the lottery or come into large sums of money, only to lose it almost immediately.  

The reason for that is because they are operating under their old paradigms, old mindset and habitual way of thinking and behaving.

What I’ve come to discover and know is if we want to attract abundance in our lives, we have to become abundant in our minds and self-image first.

I’ll use myself as an example. When I first started my business a few years ago, generating growth in my company was easy.  Money would come to me, yet it would leave me just as quickly. I never really worried about it, because whenever I really wanted to do or have something, I made the decision to do it and the money would come.

The thing that I really wanted to work on was to create a bit of a surplus of funds or a cushion, so to speak.

When Jeremy made that statement, I realized theoretically, I was not operating my business with a million-dollar CEO mindset.  I was operating with a $100,000 mindset; the mindset of a person who got caught up in consumerism instead of taking leadership of herself, her team and her business.

How do you operate as a million-dollar CEO when you don’t have a million dollars?

First, you have to take extreme ownership and responsibility of your finances.  For me, that was using my accounting software every week to understand where my money was going; investments, expenses, etc. In other words, not avoiding it.  You have to know where you are in order to move forward.

Next, I made the decision to understand how quickly my money can grow and I made the committed decision to invest in myself. I was buying things that I didn’t really need, when I could have been investing and growing my assets.  You can do that too, even if it’s just $5.00 a week.

I got mentorship to help me make the best investment decisions.  I connected with a group of like-minded people to keep me connected with my goals and higher purpose.

I also learned to treat my money with respect.  Energetically, this makes complete sense as energy always comes back to its source. You don’t have to buy something expensive, but get a nice wallet…something you enjoying looking at and opening. Honor the space where you keep your money by neatly organizing your cash and cards.  Don’t crumble up a bunch of receipts and paper in there!  Lol. 

Change the way you see money. See it as an abundant resource and start seeing the good it can do, how it can serve you and others.  

Now, in this article I am talking about money, however, this principle is true no matter what type of abundance you want to attract in your life.

If you want more love, you have to give love, respect and receive love. You have to see yourself as a loving person who is worthy of love.

If you want deeper connections and friendships, you have to see yourself a trusted friend and extend friendship to others.

Once you start changing your mindset and beliefs around abundance, money, investments and your ability to be the CEO of your own life, you will start to see a shift in what you attract.