It’s been such a blessing to share Thinking Into Results and the power of our mind with the public both on the two KHON TV news segments, a live workshop and a lunch and learn. I also spoke with another organization about how I can support them on my next visit to Hawaii in September.

You know, if we do our job which is to focus on what we want and let the Universe do it’s job in providing the how, we will always be grateful and astounded as to how things unfold.

I just knew I was going to help a particular military component in Hawaii and I was convinced it would be with the Air Force, because they’ve already hired me at another base and because I still have connections here…but that’s not what happened.  Luckily, I wasn’t so locked in on that idea, that I couldn’t see other opportunities that were surrounding me.

The opportunity randomly (or not so randomly) came to me when I shared what I wanted to accomplish with a friend over dinner. She put me in contact with another military unit, looking for guest speakers and this type of training!  Now we are working on solidifying the details.

It’s easy to get caught up in the mechanism of how we think our dreams and goals will unfold and manifest however, when we do that we become closed off to the possibilities and solutions that are already all around us.

We are limited in our thinking just by our nature as human beings. We are programmed to live life through what we see, taste, touch, smell and hear instead of tuning in to our inner guidance system…our intuition.

Depending on your specific beliefs, I feel when we pray, we are talking to God, our Higher Self, or the Universe however, when we listen to our intuition, that Higher Self, God or the Universe is talking to us.

The moral is, don’t box the Universe in thinking you know better as to how something will unfold…just follow your intuition and let it happen.

Let is the key word here…force negates.

“It requires no more effort in life to expect abundance and prosperity than it does to accept misery and poverty.” Napoleon Hill

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