Aloha!  I implemented something today that I’ve always known about and today I really went all out with it.   I feel amazing and I wanted to share it with you because if you really follow these instructions, you could feel amazing every day.   It’s about programming your mind for greatness and to attract what you want.   It’s interesting because I wanted to share this anyway, and then I was reading this morning and this falls in alignment with it. 

Man attracts what he isThe art of life is to sustain the feeling of your wish or your dream fulfilled and let things come to you, not go after them or think they’ll flee away.

It’s an art of allowing and that’s how we attract things into our life. But it also stems from who we are on the inside.   I thought this was really amazing, to observe your inner talking and remember your aim. 

Does your inner talking match what you would say audibly had you achieved your goal?   You always want to get in the practice of imagining you’re viewing the world from your goal as if you’ve achieved it.

When you find yourself kind of going down that rabbit hole of negative self talk or negative thinking or allowing a circumstance to control you, stop yourself in that moment. Become aware. That’s the first step.  So the individual’s inner speech and actions attract the conditions in their life.  Through uncritical self observation of your inner talking, you will find where you are in your inner world and where you predominantly are in your thoughts and thinking patterns and where you are on the inside.   Your inner world is where you will be in your outer world so it’s going to reflect on your external circumstances.

What we’re talking about here is developing a healthy self image based on what you want, not where you are today.

I followed the advice of a fellow consultant and I literally wrote the script of me. I did it yesterday. I got up way early, I had some coffee, I sat in our beautifully new decorated dining room and I got to writing.  I wrote about who I am as a business woman, as a leader, as a wife, a friend, a daughter.   How I want to look and dress and carry myself and speak.   How do I want to feel around money and contributing and being of service.  I wrote and then I recorded it and started playing it over and over and over again.   I did a Facebook live yesterday and somebody noticed immediately;   “Wow, you look really fancy or you look different”  I feel different. 

Today I feel completely different.   When I go to my closet, I ask myself, is this who I am?   Is this outfit working for me with regard to the person I’m becoming? And even if it’s good and a nice looking thing but it doesn’t fit my self image, then I’m donating it or I’m selling it because it doesn’t fit who I am.   I have a lot of clutter in that closet. We have a lot of clutter in our mind that we could really let go of so that we can grow into the person we want to become or we were meant to be who we truly are on the inside. 
I literally feel like a different person.   You’ve got to take the action.  Gutting and letting go of things that don’t serve me anymore is taking action. 

 My recommendation to you is really get clear on your dream, your vision, and then start to answer the question, “well, who do I have to become? Who am I when this dream is realized?”   And actually write the script of you, become that person, record it, listen to it every day, and then start taking the actions and carrying yourself like that person. 

I hope that helps. Try it today.  Set some time aside in the morning when you haven’t had a chance to get wrapped up in the day. Where your mind is clear and fresh and really where you feel like you’re in a creative space. Do it, record it on an app called voice loop so you can loop it over and over and over again.  

I definitely want to hear how this goes for you and get creative and conjure up images and words that correspond with that creativity.  I’m really looking forward to you doing this exercise. It is going to serve you well and let me know if you have questions. Have a fantastic rest of your day.