Aloha!   I hope you’re having an incredible start to your week.  Something that I’ve been thinking about lately is “leveling up” because I talk to so many people who have gotten to a certain level in their businesses and they got there by doing it on their own. They got there through their own sheer grit and tenacity.  And now they’re looking to scale.  So how do you level up so you can have the greatest mind in the world?  Because honestly, we all do. We’ve all been blessed with beautiful minds.  And your mind and your mindset and way of thinking are what get us to where we are in life.

We get to be grateful for that. But when we want to create something different, whether it’s to scale a business or to write a book;  when we want to do something that we haven’t before maybe because we’ve been kind of coasting along, working and trying really hard, but getting the same type of results or the same level of results, well then we’ve got to break through our fearsThat’s how you level up

Nothing good of any consequence happens in the comfort zone.  I know this through personal experience and through working with so many people.  There’s no way around it.  Even with the people that are investing in themselves, getting coaching and mentorship, it is something that they need to do.  Breaking through brings them to the next level. They just never saw themselves as needing a coach or a mentor or investing in themselves in that way.

So in and of itself, that’s breaking through the comfort zone and breaking through the fear. There is no easy way to do it. You just got to bust through.  If you’re waiting for the perfect time to get mentorship or get coaching or take yourself to the next level, there’s never a good time.

If you’re waiting for the perfect opportunity, there’s never going to be the perfect opportunity.

When you’re inspired to do something, take action immediately and look for that guidance, that inner wisdom.   And when something flashes on the screen of your mind, an idea or a flash of inspiration, act on it, even if it’s scary, especially if it’s scary.

So I want to ask you, what are you prepared to crash through this week? Are you prepared to get uncomfortable?  Then let’s get uncomfortable together because that’s the only time we’re actually going to grow when we’re stepping through that fear, getting uncomfortable.

It’s exhilarating and it can be frightening at the same time.  So make a decision that this week you’re going to do something uncomfortable, something uncomfortable that is moving you in the direction of your goal. I don’t want you doing something uncomfortable because you’re avoiding stepping through and doing the thing that you fear most.  I want you to make a committed decision this week. Get a firm fixed image in, in the screen of your mind of what it is you want to accomplish. What’s the next step for you? What’s the next quantum leap in your goal, in your life and your business and your relationships? And then what are you prepared to do to step through the fear? What things come to mind that you could actually take action on right now and don’t do the small little things first, focus on the big rocks. The big thing that would be like something that takes your breath away to even think about doing. 

Think about your goal. Think about the things that you could do that would move you closer to your goal. Don’t think about the how. Just think of some action steps, even if they’re just really big.   Then take one of those big action steps this week, step through the fear, and ask for support as well. Because you know, it’s so easy to make a committed decision to step through that fear. And then that fear can knock us on our butt if we’re alone. But we’re much stronger when we’re in a community. We’re much stronger when we’re being coached and guided because we all have those blind spots. So I want you to ask for support and let’s do this together.

This is going to be an awesome week because we are taking strides and we’re actually stepping through our fears and making things happen. That’s how you make quantum leaps. That’s how you level up.  People, who are doing things really grand in the world and making a huge difference in growing their businesses to seven figures and beyond, are getting uncomfortable. It’s not a breeze for them either. It’s not a breeze for any of us who were in six figures or multiple six figures.  I didn’t start there. But you keep pushing and it gets better and better. You understand what’s going on in your mind, but it’s a necessary part. Then breaking through the fear becomes your new norm, and then you’re always crushing barriers. So keep that in mind. Ask for support. Let’s do this! 

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