Aloha!  Something really awesome happened yesterday and I wanted to share it with you. If you’ve been following me at all, you have probably seen where I posted about the importance of recording a self-image script to help you get in alignment with the person you want to be. We’re meant for growth and expansion as human beings. There’s no such thing as staying the same.  Even if we say “I wouldn’t change a single thing in my life, I want to say exactly the same” everything else around you is shifting.  By the nature of wanting to see the same, you’re actually decaying. So I did a self-image script about the concept of investing instead of spending.  Investing your time, investing in the type of thoughts you want to have, investing money.

I’ve been studying a book called The Power of Awareness for a while now. And every single day I’ve recorded myself and read a script. I listened to it every single day.  Many of you know me and know that this girl likes to shop. There’s no secret there.  I definitely can have a sense of FOMO, that fear of missing out.  Like when there’s different
events and things that seemed cool. But I promise you if you do this work, this
mindset work over time, you’re going to notice some significant shifts in your
external circumstances and how you feel about yourself.  I have developed a strong knowingness when something is in alignment with who I’m meant to be, who I want to become and the goals that I set for myself. So something happened yesterday, which is
not like the old me.

I put a significant chunk of money in my savings account and I’ve always
been told that money burns a hole in my pocket.  You know, I can’t hang onto it.  It’s never been an issue because when I see something I want to do or have, I just do it.  I figure it out and I always manifest what I need to make it happen.  But this felt different. Now in the past I would say I’m going to save this much or I’m going to invest this much and, little by little time would pass by and then I’d be in that little nest egg taking it and spending it.  I really believe that if you want something you should have it. But in the past, when I would put things in savings, I would feel deprived.

I needed to shift my perspective of who I am as an investor.  I needed to look at it differently. Look at it like I was paying myself. And yesterday when I put this in my account, I didn’t feel deprived.  Normally I would get bombarded by all this temptation and all these wonderful events that I could go to or things that I want to have. And it was like ridiculous prices and sales and I needed to have it.  I had FOMO and then I would always succumb to the temptation.  But yesterday I put that money in that savings and it felt different.  I didn’t feel deprived. I felt like yeah, this is it.

I’m paying myself first. There were a few opportunities that were presented to
me that were really awesome but I took a step back and said ‘is this in
alignment with where I’m going right now? Even though these things might be
really freaking awesome? There are things that I can put in my bucket list. I
need to focus here. This is where I’m going.’ The thought of even taking the money out to do those things, it didn’t enter my mind.  Even though there are some things that I’d
like to have right now, the money’s not burning a hole in my pocket, so to
speak. It just feels different. I have just for a few weeks, been putting focus
and emphasis in that area of my life and asking myself, who do I want to become
as a steward of my money.

Who do I want to become as an investor of my time, my thoughts and my wealth? By
doing this study every single day, even though I didn’t see changes immediately, it just hit me. I acted in a different way.  The most important thing is I felt different when I was in the act.  Even today I feel like a different person.

So when you start studying yourself and you’re putting this time in
every single day, then you’re becoming aware of your thoughts and you’re
celebrating these little wins along the way.  Those wins are not little wins, they are huge wins.  

I’m a different person today than I was yesterday.  I was faced with these
other opportunities where I had a choice.  I could make a decision to take on these new opportunities or say no, not right now.

This is where I’m focused.  I don’t ever think that the Universe is testing us, so to speak. I think that the Universe is guiding us to our true wants and desires.  I think that’s what happened yesterday. I was faced with some opportunities. It solidified my resolve. I was faced with these opportunities and it didn’t push me into temptation. It just felt like, Oh my gosh, I’m getting to, I made a decision for myself and now I have two other
decisions following that that solidified that first decision I made for myself.
So I like to think of it as the Universe is helping me stand in my resolve, helping
me feel empowered in the decision I had made, not trying to mess me up or throw
me a curve ball.

I feel more solid today because I’ve had three major decisions in a row that
solidified that first decision. So I hope that makes sense. If you’re studying
personal growth, stay with it. Stay the course because these are the winds that
ultimately shape our life and that ultimately shape what we attract in our life
and what we’re in harmony with in our lives.  Write a self-image script for yourself. How do you want to want to be living a year from now? What do you want to be earning? How much surplus do you want to have in your account?  In EVERY very aspect of your life, how do you want to feel? Who are you surrounding yourself with?  Imagine that you are a powerful investor of your thoughts, energy, time, and money. I feel that in every fiber of my being like I’ve never felt that before.

I changed how I perceive time, my thoughts, my energy, and my money. It’s all
the same. It’s all the same energy. So become an investor in you and make wise investments and put that in yourself.  Image, script, record it. Write it, listen to it every day, and little by little; it doesn’t take that long. This is just a couple of weeks of me doing
this. As I’m getting ready and putting my makeup on in the morning, and I’m
looking at myself in the mirror, I’m listening to myself image and I’m seeing
into my own eyes. These are the shifts that are happening because of that.  If you want some help and a little bit of a push and nudge in the right direction, I’m happy to do that. Just reach out to me.  Have a fantastic week.