Any day is a great day to be grateful. Energy attracts like energy. We are made of energy and our energy is our point of attraction.  Think back to a day when you had a negative thought about something or a negative expectation about an outcome. Did that negative thought or expectation manifest as the experience? When this happens, we usually say to ourselves, “See? I was right, I knew I should have been worried about this.” That is like attracting like, and when you constantly expect and think of the worst-case scenario, you will get a corresponding result.

It’s a matter of training your brain to see the good, and when you do that, you will begin seeing more good.  Make a decision that you are going to incorporate gratitude into every aspect of your life. 

When you shift to an attitude of gratitude, you will start to see the shift in the everyday life moments.

Which reminds me of a fable about The Happy Bullfrog

Billy Bob and Percy shared a lovely pond. This afternoon, just as every afternoon, the two bullfrogs were lazily perched on lily pads taking in the warm sunshine. It didn’t take long for a fly to flitter past Billy Bob.

“Mmmmm,” said Billy Bob. “That was fine and juicy! Absolutely delicious!”

Soon after, Percy also caught a fly. He munched on it with a sour look on his face, swallowed it with a grunt, and then said,

“Well, that was a skinny fly. Quite disgusting, actually.”

As the afternoon wore on, Billy Bob caught many fine flies, each one as tasty as before. Percy’s flies all left something to be desired. Then Billy Bob remarked, What a good life we have here, Percy. Good food, great weather, and excellent songs for our evening pleasure. I think I’ll enjoy a nap before the sun goes down.”

“It doesn’t seem so great to me,” muttered Percy. “The flies are skinny, it’s too hot out here, and you can’t even carry a tune.”

That night, under a full moon, Billy Bob sang out his gratitude with joy, and all his friends in the nearby ponds hopped over to share in his happiness. His inner beauty shone like a beacon in the night. Even the night moths were drawn to it, providing a feast for the evening’s fare!

Percy sat nearby in the dark, complaining about how Billy Bob gets everything he wants, while he has to scrape by, all alone.

Isn’t it remarkable how Billy Bob and Percy can live in the same place with the same circumstances and yet live two very different lives? The critical difference is that Billy Bob felt gratitude for what he had. Like Billy Bob, if you feel more gratitude for your blessings, the more positive things will come your way. 

How are you practicing gratitude?