I had the pleasure of speaking with one of my clients the other day and in our conversation she mentioned that she’s starting to notice manifesting.   That in studying this material and studying herself, she’s starting to manifest and create a lot of small wins in her life.  A lot of these things she didn’t specifically ask for, but she’s manifesting and I’m thrilled for her.

Why does this happen? Well, when you really start to work on yourself and your self-image, then you get clear on a goal.  You get clear on what’s standing in your way.  You choose to think thoughts that are in alignment with your goal, not with your past or past mistakes or past challenges.  By doing this you’ll find that you’ll start to attract other circumstances that are not necessarily related, but they’re in harmony with the goal that you want to achieve. 

As I’ve said numerous times, everything is energy.   Thoughts are energy and our bodies are made up of molecules vibrating at that high frequency. It’s all energy.
So when you start to think and get in alignment with thoughts that are in an elevated energy, that are in alignment with a goal that you set for yourself, you’ll find that you’ll start to attract all these other awesome things, other opportunities, other incredible people into your life. And it’s because you are resonating at a different frequency. You’re literally becoming a different person.

And as my client pointed out, the joy that she’s feeling is a daily thing now.  She’s noticing a lot of these wins every day and acknowledging them along with having other opportunities fall into her lap. When you’re in harmony with what you want, when you set a goal and you set a goal courageously based on your wants and desires, and you really choose to go for it,  you’re choosing to work on what’s standing in your way and removing those obstacles.  And that’s what happens.

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