“The path of least resistance doesn’t automatically encompass lack of effort; it encompasses the path where effort can be maximized.”  

The path of least resistance allows you to get much further ahead quicker. I know that this sounds counterintuitive and like it’s for lazy people, but the path of least resistance is the mastery of your mind. The least resistant path is getting in harmony with what you truly want and desire, not focusing on what is or what problems you think you’re dealing with to get there. It’s about realigning with your vision, dreaming, and following your curiosity. 

Most people think, “I’m going to be happy when _ _ _ __ _,” and they get frustrated when things don’t happen according to their schedule. The path of least resistance allows you to stop giving energy to that. 

When you’re open to all the inspiration from the universe, the path of least resistance might surprise you. 

It’s not playing small with only what you see in your physical surroundings our circumstances. It’s really getting into harmony with what you want in your personal life, career, and relationships. Then make decisions based on that idea instead of making decisions based on your current physical reality. 

Remember, everything happens by law, and what you truly want and desire will happen when it’s supposed to happen. Get in alignment with what it is that you want to create in your life by:

  1. Building an image in your mind.
  2. Focus on what you want.
  3. Taking consistent action to move you closer to the goal.
  4. Persevering and feeling good, knowing that you are on your way to everything you want. 

“You MUST begin to think of what you WANT. Build the idea- the image- that you DESIRE. Your thoughts of what you want to produce feelings cause actions and the actions produce a NEW result. This is the foundation of how the Law of Attraction works.” Bob Proctor

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