I want to talk about nurturing yourself, especially now during a pandemic, and any stressors you might be experiencing. Especially as we move further into the holiday season, this is the time to nurture yourself more. However, it can seem counterintuitive because we’re taught that this is the season of giving. If you nurture yourself first, you can provide more, from an endless supply of energy and love. You don’t have to conserve it and hoard it and deplete yourself because you’re giving it all away. If you put yourself first and do what you need to do to honor, nurture, and cherish yourself first, you’ll have so much good coming back to you. There will be so much good that you’ll be astounded.

The idea of nurturing yourself for many givers and high Achievers doesn’t come easily. We have been taught to value working hard and giving everything you got until we’re depleted. We have been conditioned that burning the candle at both ends is an acceptable way to live.

I’m here to remind you that we can be far more effective in advancing our goals when we’re not pushing ourselves to exhaustion—burning the candle at both ends with these beliefs underlying our subconscious mind as part of our Paradigm. I want to help you realize the need to stop pushing and to start resting.

Accomplishing more happens when we give ourselves time to rest and think, using our mental faculties.  When you work harder to do more; you in many ways accomplish less. Then, you are in a depleted state that just keeps you stuck in creating more of the same, which will only breed resentment and lack of satisfaction lack or fulfillment. It’s a crazy cycle to be stuck in…I know from personal experience.

If you aren’t nurturing yourself, how can you get emotionally connected with your vision and purpose?  You aren’t allowing yourself the time to tap into your God-given gifts, your talents, and to more effectively share them. When you are so “busy,” you can’t find the time to tap into your imagination and intuition and then follow through with that energy, that inner guidance. You are just going to keep treading water in the same place.

Your beautiful life can be so much more when you grasp this and implement it.

An overachiever like me, and like probably many of you in this group, when I get caught up in just being busy, I’m less effective, I get less done. I’m more frustrated, and then I feel guilty for not doing what I said I would do. It’s counterintuitive to walk away and shut it down completely.

The first step in really tapping into your gifts is to clear the” busy,” clear the clutter in your brain. Look at your schedule and see what you can move so you can have time to nurture yourself. Time to reconnect and understand what’s going on in your mind, imagination, and intuition. Making time to nurture yourself is crucial to becoming better in tune with what you are attracting into your life. It is crucial toward becoming a better leader in your life and circle of influence.

Einstein says, “we can’t solve our problems using the same thinking we used when we created them”. Still, we can get so locked in on our patterns and our habitual way of being that busy, and stress become our norm or comfort zone; even tough the stress doesn’t feel very good.

If you are stressed and then decide to take that nap, take a walk, and just kind of check out, this decision breaks the circuit of stress. You are setting yourself up to come back to what you were working on with a fresh perspective and fresh eyes. That break will help you align with your vision and have you moving more quickly toward your goals even if you were not explicitly thinking about your goal in that moment. You’re shifting your energy so that it’s in harmony with more of what you want and less of what you don’t want you, so have more clarity.

When you have more clarity of mind, you’re going to get more done. You’re going to raise and elevate your point of Attraction so you’ll start to notice those synchronicities in your life. You’re going to know what opportunities to capitalize on instead of leveraging all of them, which is not possible.

I hope that this will inspire you to either book a call with me so I can help you or to come to the 5-day workshop in January and make an effort to show up for yourself in a big way