If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that everything is made up of energy. Our bodies and thoughts are energy and molecules that are vibrating at a higher frequency.

What I’ve learned is that there are two sources of information – science or theology. Theology says that there’s a power flowing to and through us – they call it spirit. Science says that there’s a power flowing to and through us – they call it energy.

Whatever you call it, just acknowledge that there’s power flowing to and through you, and we have no idea what we’re capable of doing – we’re only operating at a small percentage of our potential. We need to set the bar high and get in alignment with our thinking, thought power and energy so that we start to attract the resources, people, and ideas, so we can create and manifest realities for ourselves. 

Sometimes money is a subject that people aren’t comfortable talking about. Growing up, in my household we didn’t talk about money and we didn’t have money. I didn’t grow up in an entrepreneurial household, and I didn’t learn about investments or savings. I grew up in a household where the belief was that you shouldn’t want more and you should be happy with what you have. Fast forward to now, I realize that that way of thinking is why we have generation after generation earning the same level of income. We get locked into some of those ideas and beliefs around money, wanting, or setting goals to achieve more money, and then we perpetuate that from generation to generation.

I remember not that long ago seeing a post from someone that I know on social media who said something along the lines of, “Instead of upgrading and buying a better home, why don’t you donate that money to a charity?” And that didn’t feel good to me.

Because, why would you not work for your money, provide service, receive that money, and enjoy that money? If you don’t like your home, or you have a dream to live in a nicer home, or if you want to see the world, to connect with people from distant lands, drive the car that you’ve always wanted to drive, or learn another skill – why wouldn’t you enrich your life in that way? Why wouldn’t you want to? And should there be guilt around that? Why can’t you enjoy those things, have those things AND be of service to the world? You don’t have to choose. 

I think a lot of this comes down to if we’re attracting money. Money is neither good nor bad. It’s just energy! And even in the midst of everything that’s going on right now – the money is still there. It didn’t disappear. Money is 95% mindset, 5% doing. When we’re having financial problems, they aren’t really financial problems, they are thinking problems. We aren’t thinking, and we aren’t in harmony with that money. 

A lot of the money problems that I hear about, they were money problems before COVID-19. All of our paradigms, beliefs, and non-productive habits are being magnified right now because of everything that’s going on in the world. COVID-19 isn’t necessarily causing individual financial problems – those problems already existed before this happened. They are just being magnified. 

If I asked everyone reading this, “Do you like money and would you want more of it?” Most of you would say yes.

But what are you thinking on the subconscious level? When you see someone earning a lot of money, are you genuinely happy for them? Or do you feel that they are taking more than their share? When you see someone buy something that in your opinion seems extravagant, are you secretly judging them? This isn’t for you to judge yourself, either – it’s just for you to develop an awareness to what subconscious thoughts might be blocking you. 

Because your thoughts about money are an energy that you’re putting out there. Money and your ability to earn it and receive it, and be of service to the world to give it and share it, is in direct proportion to how you feel about it and the energy that you’re putting out there. The meaning that you place on money is really what you’re going to receive back. The meaning that you place on money isn’t what you consciously think, it’s thoughts and thinking that reside on the subconscious level.

Money is energy and you are in a relationship with it. How is that relationship?

We all have money paradigms, are yours helping you or hurting you? Are they having you work harder for very small incremental gains, or are they having you hoard, living out of fear? Are you giving like you really want to give, or do you feel guilty enjoying things? Do you find that you buy nice things for yourself but then you’re embarrassed to fully enjoy them and show people that you’re enjoying them because you’re worried about what they’d think? That’s all a part of your money consciousness.

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