Lately, I have been doing a lot of thinking about how we can stay focused and on track with what we want. How do we continue to stay focused when there can be so many distractions?

Our subconscious mind is always communicating with our body, moving it into action; the body is simply an instrument of the mind. We take surrounding information into our conscious mind, through our five physical senses, by what we see, taste, touch, hear, and smell. Taking on information via our senses is how our brain is biologically programmed to operate. When we encounter disruption to one of our senses, via seeing a Facebook post or listening to the news, we can easily get pulled away or distracted from our current goal. We tend to lose focus because something we’ve seen or heard is communicating to our brain; and without thinking, it elicits a response.  That’s how we get pulled off task so easily…we’re not thinking.


“Mental activity does not constitute thinking.”  ~Bob Proctor


Luckily, our minds can accept or reject information almost instantaneously. Once our emotions get involved with the information it becomes embedded in our subconscious mind as a part of our paradigm.  Our paradigm drives our habitual way of behaving, the way we perceive the world, the way we react to circumstances and challenges or avoid them, the type of relationships we attract, even our ability to create wealth.

When allow ourselves to go unconscious, by not engaging our higher mental faculties, our paradigm takes over and runs the show.

That explains why, when someone decides they are going to be more responsible with money or be a wise investor, they find themselves researching methods, implementing those methods, and a month or so later back in the same financial spot, re-motivating themselves to do better.

Knowing more doesn’t mean you’ll do more…that’s why simply reading the self-help books typically doesn’t work.  Also, motivation and will-power have a shelf life.

The root cause of our results is the paradigm.  Change the paradigm and the results shift, permanently.

Right now, with everything going on in the world, we are faced with so many situations that we could get emotionally involved in. To stay focused, we can choose to walk the path of knowledge instead of the path of ignorance. The path of ignorance is when we are allowing circumstances to control us. We are stuck in worry, doubt, negative thinking, and making decisions based on those emotions. This worry and doubt, as we become emotionally involved in it, become embedded in the subconscious mind as fear and anxiety.   Most people I talk to have been taught to suppress those emotions and put on the “happy face” however when we suppress our emotions, that can cause depression, followed by dis-ease in the body and dis-integration.

To combat this, we can follow the path of knowledge, which begins with the study of self, the mind, and universal laws.  We can gain a new perspective by becoming an intelligent follower.  When we study and truly understand how much power and creativity is already inside of us that’s ready to be expressed; that strengthens our faith and creates well-being.  That faith and feeling of well-being open us up creatively to become the fullest expression of ourselves.  When we are truly expressing ourselves and not judging ourselves or others we feel at ease and our positive results begin to accelerate.

When you reach this point on the path of knowledge, you can begin looking at circumstances, distractions, or even disagreements and problems as something outside of you. You’ll be able to more effectively deal with these situations and not take them personally or permit them to trigger a knee-jerk reaction. If you are faced with an obstacle, walk it out, talk it out, or write it out. Once you get that problem outside of you, you can more clearly start focusing on solutions.  

Following the path of knowledge and making study of the mind and self a part of your daily practice is key to keeping you focused and distraction-free.  Want to accelerate your goal success?  Start working with a coach…

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