Celebrate the little wins along the way

I wanted to share an interesting conversation I had recently with a client because it got me thinking about Gratitude.

Each week, I typically have a day where I’m speaking with my clients one-on-one.  It gives me an opportunity to have some really incredible conversations.  Recently I had this interesting talk with a client who told me that she was feeling grateful – how amazing!  And what’s even more amazing is that she was starting to feel gratitude for the little wins. 

How many of you actually do that?  How many of you celebrate those little wins in your own lives?   Personally, I find that so often we can give ourselves a hard time allowing for that recognition.  For me, and how I ‘raised’ myself in terms of goal setting, my perspective is to only celebrate the wins when I reach a goal.  But what you should stop and realize is that success is actually the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.   Success is moving toward your goal.  When you’re taking action, celebrate those wins because everything is energy.  Our thoughts are energy, so when you imagine a goal, something you’d like to be, do or have, then you’re automatically in harmony with it.    When you decide to go for it, you’re in harmony with it and your job is to stay in that space with that goal.

Do you realize that when you’re celebrating the wins along the way, you’re actually putting yourself backin harmony?  Gratitude is so incredibly important – really gratitude is everything.  It’s so important, and I want to encourage you to just simply celebrate the wins, however small or insignificant they may seem.  Whether it’s just waking up when you say you want to start on your goal, or if it’s just enjoying the solitude of a wonderful cup of coffee first thing in the morning, be grateful for it.  That’s a win, so celebrate it.

Today I’m acknowledging & celebrating the win of being an entrepreneur.  I’ve been on this path for several years now and I’m truly grateful.  I love the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur to be in charge of your time and schedule.  I love masterminding with like-minded people.  I feel such wonderful energy in my life and I want you to feel this and celebrate those little wins, too.  Be grateful for those little moments in life, the little wins, wins that allow you to be in harmony with what you really want.  And if you’re not where you want to be and if you’re not feeling the gratitude, then ask yourself, “why?”

There’s positive and negative to all things in life, so start looking for the positives.  Look for the lessons and try to find areas where you can be both grateful as well as express gratitude.  

If you’re not feeling in that space or you’d like a bit of direction, then message me.  I’d love to hop on a call with you and help you see all the things for which to be grateful in your life.    Sometimes just talking to somebody and looking at your circumstances from another point of view is really helpful.  It can empower you to find the good in everything.  It’s positive movement – it’s taking action – moving you towards those little wins … and gratitude.