Think back to when we would travel on an airplane, and the flight attendants would go through the safety procedures. They would say, “Secure your oxygen mask before helping another with their mask.”

The oxygen mask is an excellent analogy to living out your passion and purpose because you cannot be of service to another if you are also struggling to breathe. From an early age, we are taught that focusing on yourself is selfish and unproductive. When we begin to make time for ourselves and focus on us, we begin to get clear on what we want and where we are headed. 

Making time for you can be intimidating because it can be unusual for some of us to be spending time alone with ourselves and our thoughts. A remedy to get more comfortable with focusing on you is to wake up 20 minutes earlier and spend 15 minutes by yourself: no phone, social media, or email. Instead, in those 15 minutes, enjoy your coffee or tea someplace quiet, meditate, write down what you are grateful for, or journal the thoughts that are swirling around in your brain and release them on paper. After practice and creating this habit, you will begin looking forward to that 15 minutes with yourself. This self-time will start to help you get clear on what brings you joy and what you are passionate about in this life.

 “If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self.” Napoleon Hill 

 When you start putting yourself first, you will notice that when you are “busy” and a part of the grind that you are not thinking, you are just acting on animal instincts to survive. The mental activity happening in your brain during this time does not constitute deep thinking and purpose. 

Beginning the practice of focusing on self, first thing in the morning, you are conquering how you are going to feel throughout the day. When you consciously decide things such as, I am going to find joy no matter what, or I am going to look for the lessons as part of my growth. You are actively telling the universe what kind of day you want to have. 

The time to yourself is about realigning with your vision, dreaming, and following your curiosity. 

Focusing on yourself is not selfish; focusing on yourself is the beginning of personal growth and serving others. 

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