I just was on a podcast with Kingsley Grant, and his show is all about leadership, specifically the area where leadership and mindset meet. We’re all leaders on one level or another, even if we’re simply leading ourselves.   As leaders, we could be leading ourselves in our lives; we could be leading our families or children; we could be leaders in our organization, or maybe we’re entrepreneurs.

To be an effective leader, you have to adopt the mindset of becoming an intelligent follower. You must be willing to get out of the mentality of doing everything on your own; if you don’t, you are severely limiting your potential and capacity for success.  More than likely, without being open to coaching and mentorship, you are quickly heading down the long, laborious road to burnout and overwhelm.  We are all leaders, but there’s always somebody doing some aspect of what we are doing better or different than what we are, and we can move the need in our lives when we are open to receiving the right coaching and mentorship.

If you are the smartest person in the room, you are doing yourself and your team a big disservice.  A good rule of thumb is to surround yourself with people who are advanced in achieving some of the things you would like to achieve, have, or become…maybe it’s work/life fluidity, relationships, or business success; then bring some people into your inner circle who are in the process of growing around the same level or rate as you; finally teach what you’ve learned to others, providing mentorship and guidance.

No one on this planet knows everything. But your life, your business, and your productivity will increase when you listen and seek direction from the right people.

You will undoubtedly become more successful and more fulfilled in that success when you feel like you aren’t alone, and you have a mastermind and peers to lean o

The energy you put out will always come back to its source.   When you take care in being an intelligent follower and share what you’ve learned with people who are a few steps behind you, you begin to internalize what you’ve learned.  Another great thing is you start cultivating a team of leaders around you who will be more than willing to help you bring your business, team, mission, and life to the next level.

We all have blind spots, no one is immune, but once you embrace being an intelligent follower, you will begin to make quantum leaps in your success, level of fulfillment. The best part is you’ll be paying it forward and leaving a legacy of leaders around you. You can’t be a successful leader without first being an intelligent follower.

If you want to have a more in-depth discussion regarding executive and mindset coaching for you or your team, email me, and let’s start the conversation.