Many people come to be because they’re looking for their purpose. They have jobs that they feel okay in, but they’re just not really overly enthused about, and they just know that there’s something more to life, and they come to me because they’re trying to figure out what that is.

One of the things that jumped out at me the at The Art of Goal Creation seminar I just attended was a quote from Bob “People really have to start here. They have to dig down, and think about what their purpose is, what they’re innately good at,” and this is what really got me is, “Stuff has been percolating in their body since they were in kindergarten, but may not have been recognized, because it came so easily to them.” 

So, I would offer this tip … you need to remember who you are innately. Remember the essence of who you are. If you think back of when you were a really young child, what did you love? What were you good at? What did people praise you for? That’s going to give you a clue of what you are innately good at. What have you forgotten that you’ve done really well in the past, that you just really loved and enjoyed, that just came so naturally to you?

Sometimes we can get into the machine of life, and work, and the rat race, and we forget who we are, and that’s why I’m so grateful that I continue to take these courses with Bob Proctor. Even though I teach this, I facilitate this, it’s a great reminder. We all need that reminder. We all need to plug back in to who we are, because it’s so easy to get bombarded with circumstances. 

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