I’ve been talking in my FB group about the idea of instilling a belief.  The concept goes like this … you begin doing the thing that you don’t want to do, which in turn creates a sense of wanting to do that very thing, which then becomes the thing that will catapult you and your results to the next level.  AKA “acting as if.”

In a recent mastermind class I was coaching, I had a really interesting conversation with a woman who felt like she was being pulled in multiple directions and that so much of her time was taken up, but not necessarily in the most effective ways.  Anyone else feel like that?  I think we all do from time to time.  Her way of working with this was to hire someone to manage her home, cook her meals, clean and help her get situations organized in her home. She said to me: “I feel so rich.” But what’s so great about this is that as a bi-product of her ‘acting as if’ she started to notice really nice big jumps in her business.  

I recently just did this as well. Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that this girl likes to shop, and so they say ‘activity will fill the space of time that’s allotted’. Well, my bank account will fulfill my shopping as long as the money’s sitting there! But here’s what I decided to do: I have organized my bank account in a way where I have five different bank accounts aligned and five different percentages of every cent that comes in goes into these different buckets of money.  From a psychological standpoint, I’m looking at it in a different way.  Remember, everything is energy.  Our bodies are made up of molecules vibrating at high frequency, which is energy.  Even our thoughts and the actions we take are energy. It’s all energy.  By organizing my banking that way, I’m putting myself in harmony with giving and doing the good that I desire and maintaining and increasing the wealth that I have by respecting my money. Even though I might not be in the millions right now, I will be and I know I will be. However, if I treat what I have like a millionaire would, then that’s putting me in harmony with all that I desire. You can read more about this concept in a book called Profit First, by Mike Michalowicz.  

I’m going to encourage you to sit down and really think about what you want.  What do you want in your life and in your relationships? What do you want in your bank account? How do you want to give? Then think about the person you would need to become; the person who’s already manifested those goals. If you notice that there are a few gaps and holes in the person that you think you need to become, then fill those gaps and holes.

For me, I am definitely reaching levels of success and I want to move quicker. I would get into the thought pattern of, well, why do I need all these financial professionals around me when I’m not there yet? Well, it’s important to get those financial professionals around me with the little bit that I have now so that I’m ready to welcome the new. Out with the old thought process, in with the new. When you do that, energetically, you’re welcoming all the good that is waiting for you, everything you are seeking is also seeking you. You’ve got to dispose of all these faulty beliefs and this faulty logic and actually take the action steps to welcome in the new.

The person I mentioned earlier was talking about creating freedom and flow in her business even though she felt like she couldn’t afford to do it.  She decided to do it anyway because that’s how she chose to see herself.  Literally, her business started to explode. She hired somebody to take care of her home and the things that she felt were weighing her down.

When I really started to respect the money that I have and found a home and a purpose for it and honored it, that’swhen I also started seeing a big change in my business. I’m going to encourage you to sit down and write out the person you need to become, the person that has that dream that you dream of.  Ask yourself, what are the pieces of that that are missing?  Then start implementing them in your life now, even on a small scale. Energetically, that’s going to create a massive, massive catapult in your results.

I want to hear what you’re going to do, what you’re going to implement in the next week or so, and where the gaps are in your self-image as it pertains to your goals. Comment below and let’s support each other on this journey!