This is part two of a two-part interview with Mimika Cooney, the creator of the Unstick Your Mind Mindset Mastery Method. This week, we are continuing our conversation with her on how to step into your highest potential.

Q: Last week, you shared that things in your life started to shift when you became aware of your thoughts. You started shining the light of inquiry on your thinking and re-evaluating those thoughts. We left off talking about choice and how sometimes people don’t realize they have a choice to think whatever they want. What has been your experience where you have been faced with a choice about your thinking?

A: We are all born with the ability to choose. However, most people don’t feel like they have control over their lives. They feel like they are a victim to their circumstances. The good news is that if you can take 100% responsibility for 100% of your results, that’s when your life changes.

If we have broken beliefs, it’s kind of like a stuck record that goes around and around. Our mind loves a pattern. It loves routine. It doesn’t like change. So when you think things feel difficult and hard, it means you’re pushing against your comfort zone. That’s a great thing! Nothing grows in a comfort zone. It’s like going to the gym when you first start working out. The first few days, it feels hard, you’re sore and achy, and you feel stiff for days afterward. But if you keep the momentum going, that’s where the growth happens.

I had a client who was going through a difficult divorce and her confidence was shot. She knew the psychology of what was happening but she needed more of a heart-based approach. Which means asking the questions, Who am I? Why am I on this earth? Why did God make me this way? How can I find myself when I feel like I’m getting lost in the noise of expectations?

When you take 100% responsibility for your life, you get agency and control. You realize that this is up to you. If you don’t like this job, resign and find a new one. If you don’t like the situation, you don’t have to be a victim and get pulled along. Once you’ve reformatted that thinking and realized what you want out of life, you stop being stuck forever.

I like to call myself a personal trainer for your mind. A personal trainer is going to make you work, make you sweat, and maybe even make you cry a few times. But it’s totally worth it when you build the muscle and the new approach to your life. You can do the same with your mind muscles.

Step one is awareness. You can’t help or fix what you don’t know. I always say to my clients that we need to slow them down to speed them up. You can’t drive around the racetrack with a flat tire. You have to pull the car aside, put it in the garage, fix the damage, get rid of the junk in the trunk and then get back on the road.

I know this pause is hard, especially for us high achievers. Rest can be very uncomfortable because our brains think we have to go, go, go, which is actually part of the brain’s fight or flight mechanisms. And let’s be honest, when you’re busy and getting stuff done, just working on adrenaline, it feels good in the moment, doesn’t it? But all that comes at a cost. Our bodies cannot maintain that pace.

I encourage everyone today to just think about what they are thinking about. Realize you have more choices than you think.

Q: That is gold right there. There are so many people out there who are interested in having a different life but they’re not willing to put in the effort. It’s not necessarily the physical effort, it’s the effort in thinking differently.

So what are you working on now? What are you excited about? And how can people get in touch with you?

A: The best place to find me is my website, I have a bunch of resources and I have my own podcast that you can subscribe to. I offer my signature coaching program called Unstick Your Mind. I also have a faith-based community where we are bringing together like-minded women on a mission. I really believe in the power of community and connection. Connect with me online on Instagram and LinkedIn as well. Remember, even though growth feels uncomfortable and can get messy, you are exactly where you need to be in order to get to where you’re going.

Q: This was great. We could talk for hours, I’m sure. I am so grateful that we had this time together and hope you all connect with Mimika. She is an amazing soul who will get you steered in the right direction.

Remember, everything is created twice, first in your mind, and then in physical form. Feel free to subscribe to my podcast at or look for the free downloads on my site.