I was in the car with my husband yesterday and I was overdue on getting my hair colored.  I asked him if my hair looked ok and he said, it looked like I had the Bonnie Raitt, white streak in my red hair!

I told him that what he was seeing was blonde highlights.

Later, at dinner as the sunlight was beaming down and glistening on my hair I asked, “do you really see white in my hair” and he replied: “no, I see it now…it’s blonde highlights.”  Then he wiped the sweat off his brow, like he narrowly escaped trouble. 

I know this is a funny example, but do you see how he changed his perception of what was and how quickly what he saw changed?

We can do that in our everyday lives whenever we are faced with a challenge, difficult situation or a seemingly negative person.

Everything is energy, including our thoughts.  Have you ever been in a room full of happy people when an angry or negative person walks in?  You can feel their energy, right?  They don’t necessarily have to say or do anything, you just know.  That energy can clear the room and disrupt the positive flow and conversation.

We can also use positive energy to our advantage. The energy you put out always comes back to its source.

The law of Polarity suggests everything has a polar opposite; if there is an up, there is a down; in and out; hot and cold. Everything has both positive and negative and whatever we tend to focus on, becomes our reality.

If you are in a relationship and you are on the path of personal development and growth and your spouse or partner isn’t, you might feel like you are alone or like you aren’t being supported or understood.  I’ve talked to people who’ve tried to get their partner to “buy into” their dream only to find they did not get the answer they wanted and ended up feeling resentful, held back and stuck.

When I have conversations with people in this situation, they are coming from a space of wanting, wishing and hoping but feeling like a victim.  The more they believe and tell that story, the more it becomes a part of their physical reality.

However, where there is an obstacle or challenge, there is also an opportunity.  Maybe the lesson here is to look for the polar opposite in this situation.  What is the opposite of feeling stuck and oppressed? Try empowered and free on for size and see how that feels!

Change your perspective on the situation, stand in your power and see how quickly your challenging situation begins to change. Instead of fighting your obstacles, look for the lessons; look for and harvest the good.  When you start viewing life from this perspective, you will notice how everything around you starts to change.

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