Aloha! I hope you’re having a fantastic start to your day. I have a question for you …  Can you be lazy and still reach your goals?  That might seem like a silly question and you might be thinking ‘What? That’s crazy. You can’t be lazy and achieve your goals.’   

In our language, lazy has a negative connotation. We equate laziness with not taking action. We equate success and reaching our goals with being super busy.  I’m working hard and I have been re-examining that word ‘lazy’ because I’ve heard it come up in conversation a couple of times in a positive sense.  So let me reframe it.  Oftentimes when I talk to people about taking time for ourselves to nurture ourselves, to get out in nature, to enjoy life, or we talk about taking time to exercise or meditate, sometimes we talk about those things as if they’re luxuries and not a necessary part of our existence.  We don’t really see them as vehicles toward reaching our dreams and our goals. 

Did you know that everything’s created twice?  Everything. Everything you have now, all of your results.   Everything’s created twice, first in our mind and then in physical form. Always, there are no exceptions. But often when we are looking to reach a goal and set the stakes high, we’re looking for creative solutions to attain that goal, instead of being quiet and sitting back; instead of taking those luxurious moments to think, to meditate, to dream, to take a walk. It might seem like kind of screwing off and not really doing anything. But those are the moments where the most creativity comes to me. That’s where the creative solutions come to me. And then I take action. It’s inspired action and that’s where the quantum leaps come in terms of goal achieving. 

In the past, I didn’t really know how to achieve the goal or I didn’t know what steps to take first so I would just be too busy. I would just do a bunch of things. ‘I’ll do this over here’ or ‘this isn’t working, let me try this over here’. No creativity can come from chaos. So basically, what I’ve done is created chaos in my life.   I’m sure some of you have done the same.  

I want you to reframe the word lazy. Lazy is not a negative thing unless you believe that it is.  Lazy in the way that people in our country think, ‘Oh, we have to work harder and do more. And then, then you’re really doing something.’

You’re a hard worker. It doesn’t mean that you’re accomplishing more, but we seem to value the hard work instead of intentional focus, instead of valuing the action steps that are aligned with our vision and then amplified with our action. It’s so important for you to take the time to think, to use your mental faculties, to meditate, to get connected with the beauty in you because that’s where all the answers are. But I see and talk to so many people who are looking outside of themselves for the answers. I do it from time to time too, and I have to be reminded. That’s why I’m in a mastermind as a participant and I get coached, because I need those reminders, too. I need that mirror. It’s so crazy. We give meanings to words and they take on a meaning to us in our lives, and we see them play out in our lives based on our understanding of that word.

I want to encourage you to reframe that word. There’s an easier way to reach your goals and it starts with your thoughts.  

If this resonates with you and we’re not already working together, I invite you to join me in my Stretch Into Success Facebook group so that we can have a deeper understanding of this. And also, I’ll be inviting you to some free webinars so I can teach you the lazy way of reaching your goals and getting your thoughts and your feelings in alignment with your vision so that you can amplify your results.