Are you an active reader of self-help books but after you finish them, they aren’t actually helping you and are instead turning into ‘shelf help’ books?

We can read all of the “self-help” books we want, feel energized, and motivated for a short time, and use your grit and will-power to implement some habit upgrades, but will-power has a shelf-life and will fade.  If you want to create permanent change and even scratch the surface of your unlimited potential, you have to get to the root cause…your mental programming or paradigm. You can’t outperform your paradigm, you have to change.

We live in a culture that glorifies “busy.”

Beginning October 19th I will be teaching a FREE five-day workshop wherein those five days you will learn how to: 

  1. Overcome mindset traps that are keeping you in the grind and playing small.
  2. Gain clarity on your beautiful vision and step into the fullest expression of your potential.
  3. Leverage THE RIGHT opportunities and be more effective in less time.
  4. Close the Knowing-Doing Gap and unapologetically make decisions in alignment with your vision.
  5. Set boundaries and develop a plan of action that prioritizes YOU so you can better serve others.
  6. Stop settling for good and only accept what’s the absolute best, knowing you are worthy.

I was once the person who thought “if I have that degree then I will feel fulfilled.  If I run that marathon I will feel strong. If I get this promotion then I will be successful”. I had the insatiable desire to achieve, and did…but I never felt satisfied, I was in burn-out mode and all of that “busy” was at the expense of having the life I truly wanted.

If you’ve ever thought like that then, this workshop is for you. 

If you want to discover a more effective way of operating and understand how Universal Laws can work for you to create more ease, flow, and leverage, this workshop is for you. 

You’re accomplishing all of the things you want to accomplish and are still left feeling unfulfilled.  You may even have a bit of guilt for feeling that way because from the outside looking in, you have it all together and every reason to feel satisfied. 

Feeling a lack of satisfaction can’t be filled with accolades, money, or even validation from others. Lack of satisfaction stems from knowing you are not yet living up to the fullest expression of yourself and your amazing, God-given talents and abilities.

Let’s breakthrough the burnout and busy so that, your accomplishments are in alignment with who you truly are and who you want to be.

Save your seat today