I’m talking about attitude today and I’m super excited about this subject, if you can’t tell. We hear phrases like this all the time, you need a new attitude. You need an attitude adjustment. If you had a better attitude, your results would be different. We even hear from the medical community, we’ve done all we can do. Now it’s up to you. Keep a positive mental attitude. We even hear it in song. You would think, a word that has so much presence, a word with so much discussion about it, would be a subject taught in school. But sadly, it’s not. And if you’re like me, you may think that attitude is simply an emotional state of being in any given moment. That’s what I used to think the word “attitude” meant, how I was feeling in a given period of time. However, that’s not what it is at all.

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What is Attitude?

Attitude is a composite of our thoughts, our feelings and our actions. It’s all three of those things. And if you have followed me for a little while, or you have watched some of my previous videos, you would know that everything is energy. Our bodies are made up of matter and energy. The chair that I’m sitting is in energy, and our thoughts are energy. When we put energy out into the world, even by the way of our thoughts, energy always comes back to its source. So it’s very important to keep this concept in mind. We have thoughts that come into our mind through our five senses, what we see, taste, touch, smell and hear. We think these thoughts in our conscious mind, and when these thoughts enter into our conscious mind, we have the ability to either accept or reject these thoughts. Now, it becomes problematic if there are thoughts that we are not happy about. Maybe we hear something negative from a person or something on the news. When those thoughts come into our conscious mind, and if we repeatedly think those thoughts, and then we start to get emotionally involved in those thoughts, those become a part of our feelings. Our feelings are just another word for the level of resonance we are experiencing.

Your Mood Impacts Everything Around You

Everything is energy. Everything is vibrating at a high frequency, or resonating. Therefore, our thoughts are also resonating at a high frequency. When we feel a certain way, when we feel excited or we feel nervous, we’re operating at a certain resonance, a certain energy, a certain vibration. When we’re operating at a certain level of vibration, we can only attract opportunities, circumstances, and people into our lives that are also in harmony with that vibration. I used to think that when I was in a bad mood, or a funk, as long as I didn’t take it out on anyone, I wasn’t hurting anything. So sometimes I would choose to simply sit in my crap, sit in my funk, be in a bad mood and eat the Haagen-Dazs or have some extra wine. And, if I took a couple of days to stew in it, then so be it. What I didn’t realize back then, is that my bad mood was hurting me. And it’s hurting you if you choose to sit in your funk. It’s so important that you shift your mood and you consciously choose to shift it. If you choose to sit in your funk for too long, then you’re going to perpetuate more of the same. More reasons to be in a funk and have a crappy attitude to begin with, which is what started this whole cycle and process. And we don’t want to do that!

How to Know When It’s Time for an Attitude Adjustment

When you think you may need an attitude adjustment, look at your results. Your results don’t lie. If you don’t like the results that you’re getting in a certain area of your life, whether it is work, relationships, family, money, finances, etc., it would be worth your while to trace back the thoughts that you are having about your results. For example, if you are not bringing in the income that you’d like to bring in, what are the thoughts you’re having about your income? Are you thinking:

Oh my gosh, am I going to have enough to pay the bills this month?

Am I going to be able to send the kids to summer camp the summer?

Am I going to be able to go on that trip? I don’t have enough money.

If you are having any of these thoughts, you are thinking thoughts of lack. Next, think about the feelings you have about your results. Do you feel worried? Do you feel doubtful that you’ll be able to make ends meet? Are you afraid? Are you concerned? Are you angry? Whatever those feelings are, consider what actions you are taking. Are you feeling stuck, and you’re not taking action? Do you find yourself starting and stopping projects? Do you find yourself stuck in confusion? Then, trace back the results that you are currently getting. If you’re not happy with them and you think about your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions, this will give you a good indication that you need to shift your attitude.  

Our Thoughts Are In Control

Remember, thoughts come into our conscious mind through our five senses. Whatever thoughts we choose to become emotionally involved in become embedded in our subconscious mind. And our paradigms are a multitude of habits that are stored in our subconscious mind. Our paradigms run the show, they move our body into action. So our body is really not in control here. The control lies in our thoughts. Ninety-six to ninety-eight percent of our behavior is habitual. So, the body is simply an instrument of the mind. What we really need to do now is start to kind of work backwards and stop thinking about that end result for a moment. And look back at our attitude, that composite of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. If we want different results with our finances, how can we think about our finances in a different way? Now, everything is created twice: first in your mind, and then in physical form. Start thinking about the results that you do want to achieve, with this example around your finances. If you want to have more than enough, to where you have a surplus to do all the things that you want to do every month, and you’re not concerned about money, and you have more than enough to give, then think from that perspective. Think of what you do want, not what you’re afraid of creating. Okay? Now imagine your life with enough, with a surplus of finances, and imagine how you would feel. Maybe you would feel at ease. Maybe you would feel more joyful. Maybe you would feel more grateful. So tap into those emotions. Then once you start getting into those emotions, remember that 96 percent to 98 percent of our behavior is habitual. The body is an instrument of the mind, and when you start elevating your thoughts, your resonance, your level of vibration, you exist in the plane of gratitude, joy, confidence and ease. This is when you are going to start to attract resources to you: the people, the ideas, and the inspiration. This is how you begin to change and shift your attitude, and in turn you change your overall results.

Choose Your Results

As you can see, your attitude is so important. It is a composite of your thoughts, feelings and actions. And, if you are not getting the results that you want in an area of your life, think about your current results. Then think about what results you want to get. Think about how you would want to feel, getting the results you want. Obsess about that until it becomes embedded in your subconscious mind. And then that will move your body into action. And through the law of attraction, that reaction will be the resources, the people, the places, the inspiration, and the ideas that will come to your mind and that you’ll take action on.

A Morning Exercise: Choose Your Attitude

This is an exercise that has worked well for me in the morning, every morning. Before you even put your feet on the ground, choose what attitude of mind you are going to adopt for that day. If you want to be disciplined and carry yourself like a professional and you’re disciplined, then do that. If you want to be enthusiastic, if you want to be outgoing, then choose that attitude for the day. Become that in your mind first and you will be surprised. Do that for the next 30 days. You’re going to look back over those 30 days and you’ll be really, really surprised at the person you have become. It is because you have taken the time to choose your attitude of mind, instead of letting all these external circumstances choose for you. You’re in charge of you. Until next time, cheers! Join my free Facebook group if you want that support. If you go on to Stretch Into Success Facebook page, you’ll see “Join the group” at the top. It’s free to join, we have some wonderful individuals in there, and you will have a great team of support there. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the group. So have a wonderful rest of your day, and I’ll see you soon.  

Laura Noel Laura Noel works with individuals, groups, and companies in reaching their potential and achieving their personal and professional goals. As a student and teacher of personal growth and leadership for over 27 years, Laura continues to develop her expertise through working with her mentor, Bob Proctor. If you’re ready to stretch your thinking and mind in a way that opens you up to new possibilities, sign up for a free coaching session with Laura here.