The year 2020 has been full of ups and downs…a cleansing in some ways.  One thing is for sure if you were hiding from anything, trying to out-run any poor habits, well, this year may have made those annoying habits and limiting beliefs more apparent and insidious. 

Just like you can’t out-exercise a poor diet; You can’t outperform a mindset that needs upgrading. 

Here are some truths and things you can do now to set yourself up for something amazingly different as we approach 2021.

1. It is what it is…accept it.  It will either control you, or you will control it; it’s a choice.  In every moment and in any given situation, you choose your thoughts about that situation and yourself.  Nothing is permanent, and nothing negative will remain unless you give it life through your thoughts.

2. Harvest the good.  There’s good in everything.  Seek, and you will find.  Find the lesson in everything and ask yourself what you will do differently or shift based on the lesson learned.

3. Forgive the rest.  Forgive means to let go of completely; abandon and release it.  If you are holding on to past resentments toward others, It’s like holding a hot coal in your hand and expecting the other person to get burned. You can’t welcome new and positive experiences when you are holding onto the negativity of the past.

4. Re-align your energy and mindset to expect abundance.  When you align your energy and expectations toward abundance, you will see the abundance of opportunity all around you.  This is actually how your brain is wired; it is always looking for a match for what you believe to be true or what you already know or deem is important.  Choose to expect abundance, and pretty soon, you will notice the abundance around you.  Instead of missing out on opportunities, you will notice, act, and reap the rewards.

5. Create a plan of action. Don’t wait for circumstances to improve; CREATE your circumstances.  It all starts with a vision for what you want and a plan of action to get there.  Start with the end goal in mind and work backward from five years, one year, six months, quarterly down to the month and week; now you know what you need to do every day to keep you on track.

If you want to connect and talk about creating a clear plan of action for 2021, book a call so we can get you moving now!

I’ll also send you my Goal Achiever’s Playbook to keep you on track.

What are you willing to do differently this year?  If you’ve never worked with a coach, make this the year you decide to get the support of a coach. 

To go where you’ve never gone before, you must do what you’ve never done before.

Let’s kick 2020 in the pants and create an amazing 2021!