Have you discovered your purpose? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. That’s why I want to share with you 3 reasons why you haven’t found your purpose, but more importantly, what you can do about it.

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I wanted to talk today about the three reasons why you haven’t discovered your purpose. Or the three reasons why, maybe, you’ve discovered your purpose, or you think you have, but you’re just not standing in it right now. This is not something that I stumbled on by accident, This information that I’m going to share with you is really what propelled me forward to standing and living in my purpose. In full disclosure, these three things, they still sometimes get in the way for me, and I think you’ll find and be able to resonate with these three obstacles that get in our way when we’re discovering our purpose, and then when we start moving toward that purpose and that goal and creating a goal centered around it.

I want to get us on common ground and give a sense and understanding of what I’m talking about here. So we’re all familiar with the laws of physics, I’m sure, and one of those being gravity. For example, if you’re walking down the street and you stumble on a rock and you start to fall, gravity is going to take you down. And it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re aware of the laws of physics or gravity, you’re going down. You’re going to do a face plant, all right?

We’re also dealing with universal laws, which govern our existence. We’re all spiritual beings living in bodies. And, you know, universal law is the essence of “energy is”, and there are seven primary universal laws that fall under that. Now we’re not going to go into that today, we’ll do that in other live recordings and other lessons moving forward, but I just want to get us on common ground. Can we accept the fact that energy just is? Energy is around us. Everything is energy. Our thoughts are even energy, and I’m sure many of you have heard the phrase, “We become our thoughts.” And that’s absolutely true.

I’ve also heard that phrase, “What you resist persists.” and that’s just saying if we are resisting connecting with somebody that maybe we don’t care for, or a situation, or a challenge that we don’t really want to take on, if we keep thinking about it and resisting it, we’re not really resisting anything. We keep thinking about it. The thoughts keep flowing into our minds, and then we start attracting more situations that are in alignment with that thought. That’s how we become our thoughts, is we start to think thoughts, we get emotionally involved with those thoughts, and since thoughts are energy, we become our thoughts. So before you know it, we start thinking … whatever our predominant thoughts are, that’s, in essence, what we attract into our life.

So if we are thinking thoughts that are surrounded around fear, worry, and doubt, then we’re going to attract situations that are in alignment or in harmony with fear, worry, and doubt. And if we’re thinking thoughts of goal achieving, and standing in our purpose, and abundance, then we’re going to attract things that are in alignment with those thoughts. So now that we have that basic understanding, it’s probably not going to be a surprise to you that the three main things that might be standing in your way toward finding or discovering that purpose or standing in it even, deal with the mind.

The first thing is lack of focus.

We have become human doings, not human beings. We’re bombarded by Facebook ads, Instagram, and social media. The news, ads all around us. Lots of things in media to consume. We’re just bombarded by all of this information, and it becomes information overload. The human mind, we actually can stay focused, our attention span, about eight seconds, on something. And that’s pretty crazy when you think about it, so it’s no wonder we’re having trouble staying focused. If our attention span is about eight seconds and we’re being bombarded by all of these other things around us, then it’s really … it can be difficult to stay focused on the main thing, that most important thing. The reason why you’re on this beautiful planet, right?

I was in the military just shy of 28 years. I was collecting degrees and certifications because I wanted to be marketable for things, a whole multitude of things, and I really didn’t know what that one thing was that I was most passionate about. I knew that I had to retire from the military at some point, and I was talking about, “Well maybe I’ll get a degree or a certification in this area so I’m more marketable there.”

And I remember one of those jobs I had was in the military, and it wasn’t my passion, and it wasn’t what I was the greatest at, and I’m thinking, “Well why would I get a degree in that when it’s not something I even want to pursue?” But yet, I was like a squirrel hoarding nuts, just collecting degrees and certifications in the quest to find my purpose. So we all kind of get pulled off in a tangent sometimes, but I can tell you, when you do land on that one thing, that one thing that just resonates with the soul of your being, it is a completely different feeling than going through the day in and day out. I mean, you can be tremendously successful in your career, in what you’ve earned in terms of your wealth, if that’s something that’s important to you. In terms of your family, and friendships, and connections, but you can still feel like something’s missing, like there’s something more. There’s a bigger reason for your need to be here on this planet and in this world.

So that’s what we’re really talking about here, and this is what we’re trying to get at. The first thing standing in our way is focus. Again, we’re pulled in all these different directions, it’s hard to stay focused on this one thing. People will say, “I don’t really know what I want.” And I don’t believe that. I think we do know what we want. If we really just sit down and focus inward and think about what we want, we know, but oftentimes, because we’re in a state of confusion, over-consuming all this other information, we’ll go to other people and ask them, “Well what should I do? What do you think I’m good at?” But we know deep down what we’d love to be, do, or have. So that’s the first thing: lack of focus.

The second thing is we’re letting circumstances impact what we think we can do.

We’re letting outside circumstances affect how we feel about ourselves, what we think we’re capable of doing. We’re letting people who might be negative influence the decisions we make. And, you know, it’s crazy because sometimes, when we want to be, do, or have something that’s much greater than ourselves, we know our lives can be phenomenal right now. I have so much gratitude for where I am and where I’ve come from in my life, but I know that there’s something bigger and greater out there that I’m striving for and I’m working towards. And I could let current circumstances stop me, and oftentimes we do. So we’re looking at our current bank account saying, “Well I can’t start that business. I don’t have the funds to do it.” Or, “There’s this dream trip that I want to do, but I don’t have the money, so I’m not going to allow myself to dream.”

The funny thing is, is when we make decisions based on our current circumstances and our current surroundings, that keeps us stuck where we are. So I want to share with you some ideas that will get you out of the here and now and thinking and getting you unstuck. You’re making decisions based on your wants and desires instead of based on what your current circumstances are or the people around you, people influencing you, okay? So we’ve got lack of focus, letting external circumstances impact the decisions we make, and second, we’re just simply asking the wrong questions.

We’re allowing our past and our present to dictate our future. And I’m here to tell you, it makes no difference what degrees or certifications you have, what successes or failures you’ve had in the past, things that have happened to you. It doesn’t matter. It has no impact on your ability to create the life that you want. It has no impact at all on what you’re capable of being, and that’s really, really exciting to me, and that’s why I’m just so excited to share this, you know?

The third thing is asking the wrong questions.

We tend to be very logical in what we allow ourselves to dream and think about. We tend to make incremental steps. We’ll set goals based on what we’re able to do. So when I said we’re asking the wrong questions, what I hear often from people that I talk to that come to me for coaching is, “Well what would I be good at?” Or, “What could I do based on the credentials that I have?”

I think we’re asking the wrong question here. The question should be, “What would I love to do? If I could be, do, or have anything I want, what would that be? What would I love to do?” The credentials and the expertise, we can gain that, but it starts with the essence of what do we want, what’s driving us from our heart? So those are the three things that I think are standing in our way. Standing in your way from really living, and finding, and discovering that purpose. That lack of focus, letting outside circumstances impact you, and asking the wrong question.

So where do we go from here? To help you get set up for thinking in the future and really getting your mind around what’s possible for you, I’m going to recommend a few things. First and foremost, I want you to not go it alone. You need to be surrounded by like minded people who think like this. Don’t surround yourself and ask for advice from people who, they want to know, “Oh, you want to do this? You want to live this dream? Well how are you going to do it?” You don’t want that. You want to be around people who realize the how” is not important. I want to get you emotionally involved in the “what” first. I want you to figure out what that thing is that you’d love to be, do, or have, first and foremost.

Once we get into that energy, remember, everything is energy, the “how” will come. And I’m not going to leave you hanging. We’re going to get on these calls every week, so I’m going to take you step by step through this. But the first part of this is so vitally important, and that’s really getting connected to the “what”, okay? Surrounding yourself with a community of like minded people. So I have that here. I have a Facebook group, it’s free to join, we’re all on this journey together, we’re all supporting each other. Just click on the link and ask for permission to join, and I’ll grant you access right away. So we want to get you in the right mindset with the right people who are doing similar things.

Also, I want to start getting you thinking about what’s possible, and start helping you to dream a little bit about what’s possible. So I also have eight questions that successful people should be asking themselves. That’s going to get the wheels turning. And then lastly, I want you for this week, every day, to just sit down, carve five to ten minutes out for yourself first thing in the morning with a pen and paper, and ask yourself, “What do I want? What do I want?” And just close your eyes and meditate on that for five or ten minutes. And whatever comes to mind, I want you to write it down. Don’t get into the logical mind.

It’s funny, one of my mentors, Sandy Gallagher, when she discovered this information through Bob Proctor, she was an investment banking lawyer, had done billions of dollars in mergers, just very logical minded. And her mantra was, “Do the illogical.” Do the illogical. And she left her very successful business in corporate America to work with the Proctor Gallagher Institute, and she’s the CEO of that. So she just kept telling herself, “Do the illogical.” So I want you to have fun with this. Do the illogical. You’re just writing ideas, putting pen to paper.

So anything that comes to mind that you think, “Gosh, I’ve always wanted to do that. Wouldn’t it be cool if”, “I would love to go here.” Whatever that is for you don’t get into your logical mind. Don’t stop yourself from writing it down. Get it on paper. Without judgment. It’s like we’re brainstorming here, okay? And we’re getting the creativity flowing. So I want you to do that every single day for the next week, okay? And then ask yourself a few questions before you get into this exercise. Think about … take an inventory of your current goals, okay? Are you excited to jump out of bed in the morning to get working on them? Are you enthused about your goals? Are your goals even yours, or do your current goals belong to somebody else? And what I mean by that, are you setting goals that you think you should set to please somebody else? Or are they truly yours?

This five to ten minutes every day that you’re setting, I want you to count this as sacred. This is your time. Because when you are standing in your truth, you’re able to give more to the people around you and to the people you love most, the people who are most important to you, when you’re taking care of yourself in this way. And when we’re talking about energy, that’s energy. You’re putting that positive energy out and allowing yourself to dream. The resources will come.

I’m so grateful you guys are here. Thank you so much for showing up today. I love all the hearts and reactions, and I’m looking forward to seeing you in the group. So have a wonderful rest of your day, and I’ll see you soon.


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