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If you’re like most high-performing leaders, you’re tired of being pulled in multiple directions with zero time left for yourself. You know something needs to change but are unsure how to get off the hamster wheel long enough to focus on yourself.

Most business leaders feel stuck and unfulfilled with the constant pull on their time, focus and insurmountable expectations placed on them.

Start Doing More of What You Love

Learn how to say no to things that don’t serve you

Create more time for your family and friends

Find your passion again

Travel more with the people who matter

Develop meaningful relationships

Become a more effective leader

You Deserve To Put Yourself First.

I know what it’s like to be distracted by competing demands and have helped more than 100 CEOs, Executives and Entrepreneurs live a more focused life. And when you focus on what really matters, you’ll stop feeling out-of-control, become more effective, and spend more time doing what you love.

As a Certified ICF (International Coaching Federation) Coach and 27-year military leader, I have helped high-performing leaders live an empowered fulfilling life while achieving their highest potential.

I believe every high-performing leader should have a fulfilling life. If you continue to remain stuck on the hamster wheel, you’ll focus on other people’s expectations which leads to distant relationships and a lack of passion for life. Schedule a 15-min intro call with me today.


Because you deserve to put yourself first and take control of your life!

Laura Noel

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We all have 24 hours in a day and you can’t manage time; you can only manage your activities.  Serving in the military, I understand what it means to give my life for my country.  If you think about it, we are all giving our lives for what we do each and every day.  Isn’t it time to start thinking about what you are giving your life’s energy to?

Hey, I get it! We are not conditioned to invest in ourselves. We invest in an education or advanced degrees or training, but we rarely invest in our “thinking.”  We aren’t taught to alter our paradigms or make decisions in school, we operate out of habit, that’s why you are stuck running on that hamster wheel.

Six months from now, you could be sitting in the same spot wishing you had invested in yourself. Why? Because when you invest in yourself, you are sure to get a return on that investment. It will force you to finally put yourself at the top of that never-ending to do list.

YOU will be the best investment you will make all year!

Laura in-action:
‘Change Your Perspective in Any Economy’

“With almost three decades of personal development and military leadership experience, few coaches are as skilled as Laura Noel. Her Thinking Into Results Consultant training has helped countless professionals unlock their true potential.”

– Joel Brown, Addicted2Success

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3. Live a More Focused and Fulfilling Life!

You can have the life you imagine! And I can’t wait to see you take control and achieve your highest potential.